Will The Smoking Man Return To 'The X-Files' In The Reboot? He's Not The Only Character We Want To See Again

When I heard the news that The X-Files was returning for a six-episode season, I almost felt like I was in an episode of The X-Files. Some sort of paranormal forces had to be at work to make this wish come true. Unfortunately, I won't need to call on the services of Agents Mulder and Scully because the truth is actually quite simple: Fans have been begging for it and its stars are dying to do it. Oh, and it's also a total cash cow. We already know that Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny are returning to suit up as Dana Scully and Fox Mulder, but will their arch nemesis The Smoking Man (a.k.a. C.G.B Spender a.k.a. Cancer Man a.k.a. Cigarette Smoking Man) be returning as well?

SPOILERS AHEAD: Even though The Smoking Man was presumed dead in the episode "Requiem," he returned in the series finale as the mysterious "wise man." Sure, he's shot by a rocket from a helicopter...but he could still return! CRAZIER THINGS HAVE HAPPENED ON THE X-FILES! In true villain form, he could come back and haunt Mulder's every move. If the ghost of Alex Krycek can appear in the series finale... I'm just saying, y'all. JUST. SAYING.

Gillian Anderson commented in an interview with The Daily Mail about an X-Files reunion, "The idea is to get the old gang back, have some fun and get a bit of closure for us and the audience." Even though the return of the bad guy everyone loves to hate probably won't be part of The X-Files 2.0, here are some of the characters we really hope to see again:

John Doggett

When Mulder just up and disappears one day, you need a big agent to fill those big shoes. John Doggett was that guy. He partnered up with Agent Scully for the final two seasons of The X-Files and he deserves a little more time in the limelight.

Walter Skinner

Scully and Mulder without Skinner is like Sabrina, Jill, and Kelly without Charlie!

Monica Reyes

In the words of Amy Poehler and Tina Fey, "Bitches get stuff done."

Agent Jeffrey Spender

When we left the series he was in charge of the X-Files office AND he's the son of The Smoking Man. Can he work alongside Mulder or will his father's old grudges get in the way? THE DRAMA! Bonus: hubba hubba.

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