Why Did Robert Herjavec Split Up With Wife Diane Plese? The 'Shark Tank' Star Keeps Things Pretty Secretive

If you've been watching Dancing With the Stars this season, you've probably noticed the chemistry that's heating up between Shark Tank shark Robert Herjavec and his partner, Kym Johnson. Even though they have yet to come out and admit that they're actually dating, it definitely seems like a relationship between Herjavec and Johnson could be going on behind the scenes, but wait — isn't he married? Not anymore. Recently, Robert Herjavec and wife Diane Plese decided to divorce after a long separation and more than two decades of marriage, officially making the investor-turned-dancer a single man. And even though Herjavec seems like he's doing well now, I can't help but wonder why Herjavec and Plese decided to go their separate ways, especially after being married for 25 years.

Unfortunately, a direct answer to this question doesn't exist. Although Herjavec has bravely been open about the suicidal thoughts that he experienced when they first split up, neither he nor Plese have disclosed the reason behind their separation. However, when their divorce was finalized in early March, Herjavec did release this statement to TMZ:

Human relationships are so difficult ... I wish nothing but love and peace for our family as we move forward from this.
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His statement obviously isn't very telling, so it's hard to take any new information away from the fact that relationships are, indeed, pretty difficult. This tidbit is pretty interesting though: As originally pointed out by Heavy, his wife noted in an interview from 2010 with National Post that Herjavec's optimism did occasionally get on her nerves:

It’s kind of irritating. Why can’t I be that happy all the time? Everything is positive and wonderful to him. He calls me Miss Negative, but I’m the reality check.

Maybe their relationship's demise could be linked to the fact that they had such different outlooks on life? Maybe something scandalous happened.

Or, the far more likely scenario: Maybe it had to do with what happens when most people get divorced. People grow apart, people change, and sometimes, when they change they no longer complement each other like they used to. For a couple who was together for such a long time, I think it's totally possible this is what happened.

Regardless of the reason for Herjavec's divorce, I'm pretty glad to see that he's doing better — and that he's possibly found a new love in his life. You can't deny it: he and Johnson make an awesome (and adorable) team.

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