Cheer Up! Even Miles Teller Has Student Loans

After the ubiquitous critical acclaim of Whiplash and his recurring gig in the Divergent franchise, Miles Teller is basically gearing up to be Hollywood's new "it" boy. He'll also be in The Fantastic Four 2 , which will add even more to his showbiz clout. But even with the bonkers amount of money that those projects have brought/will bring, Miles Teller is still paying off his student loans. Basically, he's just like all the other floundering twenty-somethings out there.

Sure, he could pay them off if he wanted to. But for now, it just makes more sense for him to do the monthly payments. Hey! That sounds like how I approach my credit card bills. After reading that Teller still had his loans, Nate Jones of Vulture asked the The Spectacular Now actor if it was true. Teller, who is 28 and graduated from NYU in 2009, told him,

That is true. My business manager says the interest is so low, there’s no sense in paying them off. I can, if I want to have that badge of accomplishment, but until then I still very much have my NYU loans.

There you have it, folks! Even on the brink of international super-stardom, Teller isn't immune to the woes plaguing his sloppy twenty-something countrymen. So relatable, right? Just for giggles, let's imagine some of the other ways in which Teller is a regular joe in his twenties.

Orders Seamless As Often As Possible

He can probs afford to do this, like, literally all of the time.

Racks Up WAY Too Much Recycling

Beer and Two Buck Chuck bottles sure do accumulate fast.

Has A Nervous Breakdown Over Doing His Own Taxes

I wouldn't fault him if he sent them out with mom and dad's taxes. Or if his business manager took care of them.

Waits Until The Last Possible Second To Do Laundry

What's the use in doing a bunch of small loads when you can put in one big one? Aw, heck. He probs just sends it out.

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