21 Justin Bieber GIFs That Perfectly Represent Adolescent Angst, Whether You're A Teen Now Or Just Remembering The Old Days

This one goes out to all of the teens. And anyone who has ever been a teen. Basically, if you’re over the age of 12, listen up. I have some very important (and slightly disconcerting) news to relay to you. Are you prepared? You may want to sit down. Well, here it goes: we are all just like Justin Bieber. Yes, I’m talking about that Bieber. No, no, I’m sure you’ve never dated Selena Gomez, received mentoring from the likes of Usher, or egged a house, but there’s still in an innately expressive part of J. Bizzle that’s purely average. In fact, Internet geniuses have captured Bieber’s surprisingly relatable antics in little, neatly wrapped presents we like to call GIFs, just to prove my point.

But, back to the whole teen thing. We’ve all been there — moody, hormonal, misunderstood, riddled with pimples and unsightly fashion choices. But, it’s not all bad. As I’m sure you’ve come to know, with adolescence comes a loop-de-loop roller coaster of highs and lows. And this is where Bieber comes in, my friends. There is no man more equipped for the job of representing the teen world than Kidrauhl himself. Biebs might even know angst and triumph and heartbreak better than the rest of us. Just pick up any tabloid on any given day.

So, here are 21 Biebs GIFS that accurately portray adolescent angst — whether you're remembering the olden days of your teens or living them right now.

When your mom insists on dropping you off in front of the movie theater, not around the corner

When you go to your first co-ed pool party

When you're finally allowed to stay out past 10:00pm

When you're trying to get one of your parents to feel bad for you and guilt them out of being grounded

When you need to borrow the car

To your boyfriend/girlfriend of two and a half weeks

When your mom asks if you drank alcohol at the party you went to last night

When your dad makes you shut the TV off at night to save on the electric bill

When your older sibling asks where the thing they lent you is, but you lost it

When you find your mom on your laptop after you've left some questionable tabs open

When you're trying to prove to the coach that you can make Varsity

After Grandma walks by and ruffles the hair you JUST styled

When you're getting ready for the first day of school

When you're trying to pretend you're cool with being the butt of your friends' joke but you're secretly dying inside

When you pratice the hottest dance moves in front of your mirror for homecoming

When you listen to Dashboard Confessional

When your friends ask you what base you got to and you only held hands

When an adult asks you what you're interested in

When you've successfully snuck out and then back into your house

When you're going on vacation with your family and won't see bae for seven whole days

When you get the reddest, most bulbous pimple on your chin right before Senior portraits

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