7 March Madness Recipes For University Of Kentucky Fans To Devour While Cheering On The Wildcats

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As we move further along in March Madness, card-carrying members of the Big Blue Nation are gearing up for the upcoming game against West Virginia University. For many, that means dyeing their hair blue and donning all of their University of Kentucky attire. But for foodie fans, that means preparing a platter of University of Kentucky-themed March Madness recipes for the big game.

Now I know what you're thinking. Wouldn't it be easier to whip up some regular March Madness snacks and call it a day? Of course, but that's no way to show support for the Wildcats. Not to mention that Kentucky food isn't all that complicated to create. The state's cuisine consists of many southern staples, as well as its own specialties, like Derby Pie and Louisville chili (just don't mention that around a Wildcat fan).

Sounds delicious right? Well that's not all. Here are seven Kentucky-inspired dishes to serve as you watch the Wildcats work their way through the March Madness tournament. From savory starters to sweet treats, there are plenty of options that are sure to please any University of Kentucky fan.

Image: Howard Walfish

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