When Does 'Nashville' Season 3 Come Back With New Episodes? Your Wait Is Almost Over, Y'all

Anyone else starting to suffer from some serious Nashville withdrawal? It feels like years ago (alright, so maybe it was weeks) that Deacon finally opened up to Rayna about his cancer, which led to some very tearful results for the audience as well as the characters. (Seriously, heartbreaking stuff, guys.) However, those of you who were hoping to pick things up where we left off during Wednesday night's usual time slot, will find yourselves slightly disappointed because Nashville: On the Record 2 will be full of cast performances and backstage interviews more so than anything else. But fear not my fellow country fans because new episodes are not too far behind. In fact, Nashville will return as early as April 1, and no, I promise you, this is no April Fool's joke.

Aptly titled "I Can't Keep Away From You," next week's episode will find our favorite Nashville-ians facing just as much drama as ever. According to the synopsis, "Rayna tries to help Deacon, but her efforts backfire. Meanwhile, Scarlett prepares to open for Rascal Flatts, but her past problems make her fear performing again; Layla grows confused about her relationship with Jeff; and Sadie winds up in danger." Not exactly the brightest prospects, if you ask me. But it's that kind of delicious drama that makes Nashville so great in the first place, and I, for one, can't wait to get back to it.

So to help ease those waiting woes, here are a few things we can all do to help pass the time. Stick to these suggestions and those pesky seven days will be over in no time!

Compose A New Song Scarlett & Gunnar-Style

It's never too late to get in touch with your creative side. Take a leaf out of Scarlett and Gunnar's book by channeling all your energy into writing the next greatest hit on iTunes. It's time the world knows of your hidden talent.

Make Like Avery & Learn To Play Guitar

Knowing how to play a musical instrument is always an impressive skill set to have. (Not to mention that it's sexy as hell.) This extra bit of free time could be just the motivation you need to take up such a fun hobby. Plus, you never know, your instructor may end up looking like Avery. (*swoon*)

Channel Your Inner-Juliette For A Karaoke Session

Whether you have the vocal pipes like her or not, as long as you have the passion and confident stage presence, you'll be the rockstar of the night.

Make Rayna Proud & Rock A New Hairdo

The bigger, the better.

Brood Like Deacon By Binge-Watching A Show

Because, hey, if you're going to sulk about Nashville's absence, it might as well be while also contributing to your ever-growing TV obsession. That frown will be turned upside-down in no time.

Images: Mark Levine/ABC; whentherightonecomesalong, barkleyandbarnes,austennerdita2533/Tumblr; Giphy (2)