'Pretty Little Liars' Season 5 Finale Poster Tells Us A Lot About What To Expect

The Tuesday finale of Season 5 of Pretty Little Liars is giving me some serious television anxiety. I would have been happy to find out the Big A reveal like, yesterday, but instead I'm twiddling my thumbs and waiting for it to be 8 PM on the west coast. The promos for the PLL finale are only making matters worse — I know we're getting some insane info in the finale, and I'm not so sure I can take it. Now, a new poster has been revealed specifically for the episode "Welcome To The Dollhouse," and it will make you equal parts excited and antsy for the clock to strike 8 PM in your timezone.

We're getting the biggest A reveal to date (though we probably won't "unmask" A) and it seems that we really are doing it from within a dollhouse. The episode, which showrunner I. Marlene King has described as the "most sophisticated, most ambitious, and by far the most edgy episode [of Pretty Little Liars] to date," will take place in a version of A's lair setup to look like the inside of the dollhouse that we often see A play with at the end of the episode. So it's pretty appropriate that the poster sets the girls up in such a toy-like situation. Check out the poster:

So what does this poster say about the new episode, and the fate of our liars? Naturally I analyzed the heck out of it, and here's what I found.

A Has A Serious Toy Obsession

The girls are propped up like puppets or dolls, which makes it clear that A considers them his (or her) toys. It's interesting that toys are such a big theme on Pretty Little Liars when the girls are all in the later years of high school — perhaps the toys refer to something that was done to A when they were the age where they played with dolls. The only person we've seen actively play with dolls outside of A are children, like the ones in Ali's chilling Halloween story about the twin who murdered her sister over the doll. Could that be a major clue to A's motivations?

It Hints At The Burial

Check out the bottom of the poster — there's a shovel and a pile of dirt. Though the girls have on nice dresses, they're also covered in dirt from the knees down. Could this poster hint that the girls had to unbury (or potentially bury) another body? Alternatively, it could also be a clue that A has something to do with Bethany's murder — perhaps the reason why A has the girls in the dollhouse is because she (or he) believes they are responsible for the death of Bethany.

Alison's Not There

We know that, right now, she's in jail, but the poster confirms that she doesn't make her way to the dollhouse. The interesting part of that is, A probably could have gotten Ali into the dollhouse — clearly this person had the resources to trick the police into letting them get access to the other four girls, so why not Ali? Perhaps A has bigger plans for Ali in prison — or Ali has some sort of allegiance with A.

The Puppet Strings Are Cut

Check out Emily's hand — she's holding a pair of scissors and has cut her puppet strings! Could this mean that Emily (and soon the rest of the liar) will be free of A's game? With two more seasons of Pretty Little Liars to go, it's wishful thinking to believe that the girls will be free of A's grasp forever — but it also might mean that girls will escape the dollhouse by the end of the episode.

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