Meet Chris & Liam Hemsworth's Brother Luke: The Eldest Hemsworth Talks 'Kill Me Three Times'

You know his last name, and his piercing blue eyes look familiar. He didn't star in Thor, The Avengers , or The Hunger Games series, but the eldest, "other" Hemsworth brother is about to make major waves. Starring opposite Simon Pegg in Kill Me Three Times, Luke Hemsworth keeps his Australian accent as a hero-type trying to save his girlfriend from abduction. "It's funny, it's dark, it's different. "You've got a bunch of people who are one thing on the surface and another thing underneath," Hemsworth says. "A balance between light and dark. It was the chance to do something that has all ranges of emotion and action. And also getting paid... that's a great part," he jokes.

The film, centered around hit-man Charlie Wolfe (Pegg), who finds himself in three tales of murder, blackmail, and revenge after an assignment gone wrong. "There's an ability for good people to be bad people. We all have the ability to be incredibly nasty, be it for money or love or work. Bad guys have to be likable," Hemsworth says. "If Simon Pegg's character was a horrible, nasty guy with nothing redeeming about him, it wouldn't work. But there's something that comes with watching him do what he loves that sucks you in."

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For Hemsworth, big brother of Chris and Liam, his character is relatable now that he's a dad to four kids. "We've all got us in it, especially under the right circumstance. Having kids sort of helps you realize that as well. It makes you realize that you can actually do some awful things in order to protect people that you love."

But the R-rated "action noir, thriller-emedy," as Hemsworth puts it, isn't necessarily kid friendly. The title alone should be enough of an indication: this picture is laden with blood and gore. "There's always an element of shock when you see it. It looks so real, but you remind yourself that these things aren't real, and it is fake blood," Hemsworth says. "There's a lot of things you do to alleviate that pressure on set so it doesn't get too heavy. This film revels in the blood."

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And clearly, acting is a family trade. His two younger brothers star in some of the biggest films of the year, and Hemsworth says simply, "It's just something we all did. We did it in school, in drama, then I went off to University and studied drama and art. Then I started working on a show on TV," he says. "But then I got bored. It all happened for me the way I wanted it to so I started a flooring business. We ran that successfully for a couple years, then the acting came back again."

While he's happy to be nailing the bad guys on screen for now, Hemsworth says if he wasn't acting, he'd be "living on a desert island with a massive beard, surfing and drinking Coronas." The prospect of which doesn't sound half bad. But if lounging all day wouldn't pay the bills, "I'd be doing something with my hands, woodwork or something. It's always been a huge part of my life, woodwork and art. I could never do the 9-5," he says. "It's part of the reason I became an actor, I couldn't decide. I want to be a fireman, I want to be a doctor, I want to do it all. Wait there's a job where I can do all of that?"

See Kill Me Three Times on iTunes/On Demand March 26, and in theaters April 10, 2015.

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