Who Is Jordanna's Boyfriend On 'Little Women: NY'? The Star Is Dating A Fellow New Yorker — PHOTOS

Bad boyfriends are like a tradition on Little Women: LA, but let's hope that the ladies of the spinoff, Little Women: NY have a little more luck. One of the stars of the show, Broadway actress Jordanna James' boyfriend is a solid, New York guy with an appropriately New York name: Anthony. Unlike a few of the LA boyfriends, Anthony doesn't seem to work primarily in the entertainment industry, and their relationship predates the show, so clearly, producers didn't intervene and find Jordanna a boyfriend for hire.

In the show preview, Jordanna mentioned that she occasionally feels insecure about dating, especially since her relationship occasionally becomes long distance (she mentions that Anthony is going to be "gone" for three months) and while she normally seems like a take no prisoners kind of person, dating always sucks.

But I think that Jordanna has the right idea: from everything we know in advance of the show, seems like Anthony is a real catch. Seriously, for someone I've never even watched on TV before, let alone met, I really kind of like the guy. But there's no reason to take my word for it — judge for yourself. Here's everything we know so far about Jordanna's boyfriend Anthony.

He's Average Height

Now, this shouldn't be news to any fans of Little Women: LA (or, you know, anyone in the 21st century), but yes, little women can and do date average height men. Some prefer it, some don't, but as we've all seen on Little Women: LA, there's no determination of whether or not someone will be a good boyfriend based on how tall they are. Anthony, though, seems to pass the good BF test based on the other qualities we can glean about him so far.

He's a Die-Hard New York Sports Fan

His Twitter account isn't super active, but when he did post, it was almost exclusively about the Giants' and Knicks' performances on the field/court.

He Might Be a Real Estate Agent

His name comes up under the real estate website Trulia with a series of properties. But the picture is out of date (that haircut!) and he doesn't have any reviews, which could mean that he's no longer working in real estate. But at some point, he sold houses and rented apartments out on Staten Island.

He's Wildly Supportive of His GF

Some guys might not like the idea of a girlfriend who's on stage every night, super busy, and sharing their lives on a reality show, but Anthony seems totally game. He walked the red carpet with Jordanna at the Side Show premiere and looked incredibly proud. And he even made the website for Jordanna's burlesque group. That's love.

They've Stuck It Out for Over a Year

Looks like these kids might just make it.

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