Will 'Little Women: LA' Season 3 Happen? No Matter What, We'll Be Seeing More Of Terra

I hate how short this season of Little Women: LA was. We started Season 2 of Little Women: LA 12 weeks ago, but it feels like only yesterday that I was losing sleep trying to figure out which lady would be the much-hyped pregnant one. Is it time for Season 3 of Little Women: LA to start yet?

Hold up just a second. It seems I have gotten a little ahead of myself. We're technically not even finished with Season 2 yet. There's a reunion special Wednesday night that will bring all of the ladies together again to revisit the drama of the season and hopefully stir up new feuds.

Terra and her boyfriend Joe will also get their own spinoff series premiering April 8 on Lifetime called Little Women: Terra's Little Family, which will document Terra's pregnancy this season on Little Women: LA and beyond. And if that's not enough for you, Little Women: NY also premieres Wednesday, March 25 on Lifetime.

Despite all of that going on, I'm still dying for Little Women: LA to come back for Season 3. Though Lifetime announced that Little Women: LA would be renewed for Season 2 before its inaugural season was even over, the network has made no such announcement regarding Season 3 of the docuseries yet. Still, I have a really good feeling about its fate.

For one thing, all of these spinoffs indicate that Little Women: LA has been a hit with viewers, so why wouldn't the original series get another season? Plus, there were so many unresolved issues from Season 2. Will Briana get back together with her boyfriend Matt, who everyone seems to hate? Will Traci and her husband Erik finally have a baby? Will we ever get to see a sequel to Terra's "Booty Bee" music video? I need to know, Lifetime. I. Need. To. Know.

Assuming Little Women: LA does return for Season 3, we might have to wait a while before it graces our TV screens. First of all, it won't premiere on Lifetime before Little Women: NY and Little Women: Terra's Little Family are finished in May. If Season 3 of Little Women: LA were to premiere immediately after that, they would have to start filming like now, and we haven't seen any signs of that yet. Plus, that premiere date might be too close to the Season 2 finale.

I can only guess that the amount of time from the end of Season 2 and the start of Season 3 of Little Women: LA will be similar to the time period between Season 1 and Season 2. Season 2 of Little Women: LA premiered on Jan. 1, 2015, a little less than six months after Season 1 of the show ended on July 22, 2014. Following that logic, Season 3 should premiere in either August or September. Lifetime may also be planning a late summer/early fall Season 3 premiere date for Little Women: LA because if the show is as much of a hit as it seems, the network might just want to have a tried-and-true series on its schedule to help lead its newer shows into the new fall TV season.

Hopefully the adorbz-ness of Terra and Joe's newborn daughter Penelope is enough to get me through until then.

Image: Richard Knapp/Lifetime