Corey Kent White Beat Cody Wickline In 'The Voice' Knockouts & Won America Over With His Tearful Performance

You've gotta love a country boy — especially when he has a voice like the contestants of Team Blake on The Voice. Corey Kent White and Cody Wickline brought their vocal genius to some modern country hits in the Knockout Rounds and gave their coach a really tough decision to make. The two country cuties have the genre in common, but bring very different attributes to the stage. It was a tough battle, but in the end it was White who brought emotion to the stage and earned the win. His stage presence mixed with his modern country vocals will make him a favorite with the country fan base of the show and get him far in this competition.

There's no denying White is a total cutie — but that's only where his likability begins. His voice veers towards the more pop side of country, but fits in perfectly with where the genre is at right now. The Oklahoma native puts himself and his charm into every song he sings, and that was never more evident than in his Knockout Round performance. White broke into tears after his rendition of Tim McGraw's "Live Like You Were Dying" — he chose the song in honor of his grandfather who had a medical emergency. White completely immersed himself in the lyrics and showed his vulnerable to the audience which was amazing to watch.

White has a long road ahead of him in this game. There are a few country contestants, but none as talented — and adorable — as he is. His Hunter Hayes-esque style, both physically and vocally, will really win over the audience and keep them voting for him week after week. White's trajectory will be much like the Swon Brothers' in this competition — he'll make it far in the live shows but won't earn the win. As charming and talented as he is, he doesn't have the same power that many of the other contestants this season have. Plus, this show has already reached it's country winner quota.

Image: Tyler Golden/NBC