'Pretty Little Liars' Big A Reveal Memes Are So Effing Hilarious, You'll Forget How Angry You Are

You're angry about the Pretty Little Liars Season 5 finale, I know you are. And you should be. We were promised a Big A Reveal on PLL and we basically just got a big bundle of questions, wrapped in a black hoodie, set to the soundtrack of a vintage Dilaurentis home movie. The final moments of Tuesday's "Welcome to the Dollhouse" more or less confirmed that Charles DiLaurentis is Jason's twin and Big A and it's going to haunt my nightmares at least until Pretty Little Liars Season 6 premieres. But, unsurprisingly, the internet has already come to my rescue and PLL fans and haters alike are killing the meme game like they've got a shovel and a serious bone to pick with Alison.

Sure, I could be mad that PLL's Big A Reveal left me with more questions than it did satisfying answers, but how could I be when the Internet has taken the partial reveal and turned it into so many great things. Who is Charles? Well, we've got some answers. Are you feeling personally victimized by I. Marlene King, ABC Family, and Pretty Little Liars? Well, our fellow PLL fans get you. If you can, try to forget for a second how much we still don't know about the Big A Reveal so you can truly appreciate the fact that Prince Charles could totally be A. I mean, it makes perfect sense, right?

Forget Wren, Prince Charles Is The Real Enemy

That Smiles Screams "I Will Lock You In A Life-Sized Dollhouse"

Natural Selection At Its Finest Is A's Game

Even Google Is In On The Joke


Essentially All Of Our Reactions To That Prom Scene

C'MON MAN, Where Was That Big Reveal?


I Don't Even Know Right Now

And Last But Certainly Not Least...

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