Danny Doesn't Want To Marry Mindy On 'The Mindy Project,' So Why Did He Go To India To See Her Parents?

This season of The Mindy Project was incredibly satisfying for fans that shipped The Mindy Project 's main couple Mindy Lahiri and Danny Castellano. And now it's all over. Tuesday's Season 3 finale wasn't the least bit satisfying in terms of where Mindy and Danny were heading as a couple, if anything, it left me more confused about the status of their relationship. Not only did we learn that Danny didn't want to marry Mindy — don't worry, he loves her... just doesn't want to be married — but then he jets off to India to meet her parents. The jetting off to India thing makes me think he might have changed his mind, but what gives you guys?

The episode itself was great, especially because it felt like a reunion of sorts. Peter returned to the practice to, like, invite everyone to his wedding (is that what people are doing these days? Pricey.) We got a glimpse at the amazing best friendship of Mindy and Peter (sorry, Morgan), and it made me miss Adam Pally to an extent that was so irrational, I almost had to pause and take a minute to gather myself.

So, Mindy invites Danny to Boston to attend her parents' going away party, which would have marked the first time Danny meets the parents. Take note of "would have" because Danny didn't go. Instead he bailed because he was nervous to meet them and have them ask why they aren't married. NEWS FLASH DANNY: We're all asking that.

Mindy reveals to Peter that she hasn't even told her parents about Danny. Like, they don't know he exists in terms of him being the father of her baby and them dating.


As it turns out, I'm not the only one who cares. Morgan is just as invested in this entire relationship, but to an extent where he needs to care a little less. Morgan overhears Mindy telling Peter about her parents not knowing about Danny, but he hears it as Danny isn't the father of the baby, and our favorite ex-car thief turned nurse decides to take it upon himself to reconnect Mindy with the father of her baby. So who shows up at her baby shower?

FOUR OF HER EXES. It's literally a nightmare for all of us.

Jamie (BJ Novak), Lee (Max Greenfield, not so much a boyfriend as a fling), Josh (Tommy Dewey, who I still kind of love), and Casey (Anders Holm) are all shocked that Morgan Mamma Mia-ed them and brought them to Mindy's baby shower to learn they were maybe fathers. (Hint: They're not.)

It's there, in front of all of Mindy's exes, Danny's mom and Dot, and some random mail-woman, where Danny confesses he doesn't want to get married. (Also, WHERE IS MINDY'S TIER OF BEST FRIENDS DURING SUCH AN IMPORTANT MOMENT IN LIFE?!)

The news hits like a ton of bricks and clearly shakes things up for Danny and Mindy. They both love each other, it's obvious, but Mindy wants Danny to "love her in a way that she can show on Instagram." (Probably in a nice X-Pro II filter, you know?) The pain that Mindy goes through after hearing this news is so heartbreaking, I hugged my TV hoping she could feel my love.

Danny realizes, with the help of his mom, that maybe his views on marriage are tainted because of Christina and his dad. So Danny decides he needs to remedy the situation, and runs off to India to meet Mindy's parents. The final moment of “Hi, I’m Danny Castellano and I’m in love with your daughter…” is great and all, but WHAT'S COMING NEXT? Is he going to ask for her parents' support in getting married? Is he going to ask them out for pizza? Is he going to just get to know them?

Hopefully when Season 4 returns we'll have answers to those questions, along with the question of who Mindy's parents are, because I almost believed Peter that she didn't have any by the way the show purposefully didn't show them.

Images: Adam Taylor/FOX; MindyProjectFOX/Tumblr