What Is Blaine Cooking Up On "iZombie"? Liv's Newly Discovered Undead Maker Seems To Have A Mysterious & Deadly Plan

With a name like Blaine DeBeers, the image and person that might automatically come to mind is a mind-numbingly, stereotypically d-bag frat guy who drinks and does too many drugs for his own good in college. But somehow Blaine on The CW's new series iZombie is actually much more intelligent than his name appears, and that actually might be more even more dangerous than just a cliched frat guy. Blaine was the man who turned Liv into an undead human (or zombie, if you will) after he hit on her, she rejected him and then he attacked her after he went what Liv likes to call "full-on zombie mode." After Liv had a vision that Blaine was still alive... ish, she searched high and low trying to find him. Unfortunately Blaine found Liv in the second episode "Brother Can You Spare A Brain," and pretended to be a reformed party guy, but there's something much more sinister to him than we know so far, especially considering he proved he was willing to murder people swiftly and without mercy. So what evil plan is Blaine cooking up?

Blaine told Liv that he had cut all of the "toxic people" out of his life and was only getting his brains by grave digging. He wanted to partner up with Liv to be zombie buddies and get his brains from her work, which is admittedly a pretty sweet setup for Liv, but when Liv went to meet up with Blaine, she saw him talking to some sketchy guys in a red convertible. What she didn't see is Blaine killing them just moments later.

Blaine is clearly planning something big and sinister. On Tuesday night's episode, Blaine was revealed to be some kind of drug dealer, or at the very least involved in something with the city's major drug king pin. The two men that Blaine was talking to tried to force him to meet with their boss and spoke to him about the night of the boat party. They revealed that they supplied the new drug Utopium, which seems to be what turned everyone into a zombie in the first place, however, they didn't realize the drug was cut with something "lethal." They then accused Blaine of being the drug supplier who "did the cutting."

So did Blaine cut the drug and if so what did he use? And how did it turn everyone who used it into zombies? I am a little confused as to why Blaine would want to turn himself into a zombie if he is the one who cut the drug with something lethal and zombie-making. But then again, in Tuesday night's episode, he did turn his one-night stand into a zombie for a still unknown reason. Is Blaine trying to create a zombie army to take over the city? He did tell his former drug dealer pals that he would be running the city one day...

I guess we'll just have to keep watching to really understand Blaine's actions. And considering how good David Anders is in the role, I seriously cannot wait to see him steal some more scenes and evil it up real nice.

Images: Cate Cameron, Diyah Pera (2)/The CW