All The Time Demi Lovato Went Makeup Free On IG

If there is one celeb who isn't afraid to go makeup-free, it's Demi Lovato. She has the benefit of great skin and is young, so she looks flawless no matter what. But seriously, Demi Lovato often posts no makeup Instagram selfies (#NoMakeupMondays anyone?), looking beautiful and fresh in every single one. But she does so for two good reasons, one which is obvious and the other which is much more subtle.

What reasons are those, you ask? Well, she is promoting her Devonne by Demi skincare line, which I've used and love, despite being out of the target demo. She wants nude-faced selfies from her Lovatics as part of a promo initiative for the brand each Monday. There's nothing wrong with that; Lovato has stuff to sell.

But the other reason is much more subtle and high impact. I am still totally struck by how great Lovato looks every time she goes bare. Since her makeup style is "rocker" and often heavy, with a lot of products, when she strips down, facially-speaking, it's so different from what I am used to seeing that I can't help but marvel at her natural beauty.

But make no mistake. Lovato also has loads of confidence. She goes nude the right way!

Lovato has a formula for her no makeup selfies. Here are 10 times she went makeup-free on IG (look at me, the poet!) and if you pay close attention, you'll learn her selfie secrets.

1. Gym Minimalism

The Kardashians may work out with faces full of contouring makeup, but not Demi. She goes naked.

2. Shady Lady

Let's hope she has slathered on sunscreen while being a shady lady.

3. Brows On Fleek

Who needs makeup when you have beautifully 'scaped brows framing your face?

4. Front-Facing

Demi's selfie secret? She usually faces forward and looks right at the camera. She's not pouting, doing a fake aerial shot, or trying too hard to pose. She just... does.

5. Coffee Talk

At least she has her caffeine to wake her up, but you can see her freckles here, too.

6. Chin Up

Since she is scrubbed of any makeup, you can notice her natural features, like her freckless and her dimpled chin. So, so pretty.

7. True Confidence

The singer was all sorts of flawless with her boyfriend Wilmer Valderarrama.

8. Allergic But Still Beautiful

Lovato had an allergic reaction to a cat and even with watery eyes, she was makeup-less and amazing.

9. Side-Shaved Hair, Don't Care

The "Heart Attack" singer's side-shaved hair was the statement feature, so she could get away with no makeup, because the hair was so powerful. You also get the sense that she didn't take 14 photos before deciding which to post. It feels very on-the-fly with her, because why not? She's plain and good to go.

10. No Filter, Either

No makeup. No filter. No problem.

So, there's 10 times that Demi Lovato dared to bare. She faces the camera, doesn't enact silly poses, keeps her brows on fleek, and gets up close and personal, letting her eyes or hair enjoy equal space in the photo. And that's how you do a no makeup selfie.

Maybe you should post a no makeup selfie today and send Demi your "nudie" pic!

Images: Demi Lovato/Instagram (11)