Has Jon Hamm Been To Rehab Before? His Completed 30-Day Program Isn't The First Time He's Let Fans In On His Struggles

On Tuesday night, news broke that your favorite actor Jon Hamm recently completed a stay in rehab for alcohol addiction. His rep released a statement saying, "With the support of his longtime partner Jennifer Westfeldt, Jon Hamm recently completed treatment for his struggle with alcohol addiction. They have asked for privacy and sensitivity going forward." This story is coming to light just before the premiere of the second half of Mad Men's final season on April 5. Obviously, Hamm has nothing but our best wishes, love, and support as he recovers. Still, this is some rather surprising news to say the least, and you may be wondering if Jon Hamm has been to rehab before. After all, recovery from addiction is a life-long process that is never fully considered over.

As far as I could find, it would appear that his 30-day program at Silver Hill Hospital is the first time that Hamm has gone to a rehabilitative inpatient facility. However, this isn't the first time he has bravely opened up about a troubled relationship with alcohol. He doesn't exactly have a family history of alcoholism, but as Hamm told The Daily Mail in a 2012 article, his father was "Like Draper — a drinker for a long time." His father stopped drinking at one point, because he suffered from diabetes which Hamm notes "didn't mix well" with booze. However, around the time that Hamm was in college, his dad passed away from complications with diabetes.


This was, understandably, an exceedingly difficult time for Hamm. Having lost his mother at 10 years old, he was 20 years old and suddenly an orphan. In a September 2014 GQ article, Hamm discussed the "profound sense of being alone" this trauma brought on. "I started drinking; it was a rough time," he said. At this point, he got himself into a therapy regimen. In The Daily Mail interview, he remembers taking a month's long cycle of Prozac that balanced out his brain chemistry so that he could start "taking steps forward." Also, in the GQ article, he mentions the instrumental role that three of his friend's mothers played in mentoring him.

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Although it looks like the 30-day program was the first time that Hamm went to rehab per se, he has sought out therapy at difficult times in his life before. He's certainly dealt with a lot of heavy stuff, but he seems to have the emotional intelligence, courage, and support system to make serious progress with his disease. Keep fightin' the good fight, Hammo.

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