Brandon Flowers' "Can't Deny My Love" May Trump Your Favorite Killers' Songs — VIDEO

If you feel like you've been waiting for your new favorite song all year, the time is now. The Killers' frontman Brandon Flowers released "Can't Deny My Love" off his upcoming sophomore solo record, The Desired Effect (out May 19), and it is one of those tracks you'll have on repeat for months. It has a different vibe from some of your favorite Killers jams, leaning more toward pop than rock with a touch of a synth folk that makes it unique, yet infectious. It's a slight departure from his first solo album, Flamingo, which had a country folk vibe mixed in with pop-rock sensibilities, but it's just as fantastic. Flowers' typical vibrato is in full effect, with long, soaring notes over a toe-tapping baseline drum beat and a catchy chorus. "You're not gonna, not gonna deny, no you're not gonna deny my love," he sings, and I wouldn't dream of denying anything he's handing out.

I was lucky enough to see this track performed at his sold-out NYC show on Tuesday night, and it's even better live. The song has distinct sections, starting out quiet and crescendoing to a powerful chorus, then bringing it down again for a nearly-a cappella portion at the end. It's a rollercoaster in the best way, and Flowers' dramatic notes and impressive range are highlighted in his live performances. He stopped by The Tonight Show to perform the song, and you can check out the video below.

If you're feeling more nostalgic for The Killers after jamming to Flowers' new song, here are two snippets from his epic performances of "Human" and "Mr. Brightside." The band may be on hiatus now, but at least we have Flowers' great solo tracks to look forward to in the interim. Now, go party like it's 2003 while you dance to "Mr. Brightside."