9 Adam Levine Quotes That Prove He Is The Funniest Coach On 'The Voice'

After so many seasons of the series, it's common knowledge by now that one of the best things about watching The Voice is watching the coaches be completely ridiculous. Sure, they all have their strengths when it comes to the actual competition and every season seems like it's even more formidable and competitive than the last — because all four judges are wonderful in their different ways. But there's one thing I believe to be a truth about the coaches on the show, though it's a highly debatable topic of conversation: Adam Levine is the funniest coach on The Voice.

But Keertana, how could you possibly say that when Blake Shelton delivers hilarious quips, one right after another? Here's my argument fellow Voice fans: Levine delivers the most hilarious and memorable lines about all facets of the show while Shelton's best jokes — while extremely funny — are almost always delivered at Levine's expense. For sheer amount of quips alone, and for being able to flawlessly imitate his fellow coaches, Levine wins the title in my mind as funniest coach. (Though if we're being totally honest with each other, Levine and Shelton's bromance definitely brings the most joy while watching, aside from the actual competition of course.)

Need proof of Levine's hilarity? Check out these quotes below, and my opinion becomes totally valid and possibly even undeniable.

Quote 1: Blake Shelton's One Direction Knowledge

Now imagine Blake trying to sing some of 1D's biggest hits like "You Don't Know Your Beautiful" or "Best Song Ever." The quote becomes even funnier then.

Quote 2: Levine Bonds With His High School Geometry Teacher

Michael Smith on YouTube

"Tell them what a great student I was! That's right, he's lying!" This whole thing is genius.

Quote 3: Levine's Mom Is Very Proud Of Him

How cute is this?

Quote 4: Levine Zings CeeLo

WQ Tsa on YouTube

This was a clear name drop, so CeeLo should have known this zing was coming.

Quote 5: Levine Lands A Major Shelton Zinger

It's the perfect blend of insult, pun, and good healthy competitive fun that makes me love Levine that much more.

Quote 6: Levine Imitates Shelton Talking To Miranda Lambert

Blake Shelton is getting in trouble tonight!

Quote 7: (Behind The Scenes) Levine Calls Shelton A Sasquatch

I really wish this moment had been broadcasted, because it's the perfect example of Shevine's bromance and their weird competitive tension all blended together.

Quote 8: Levine Won't Fall For Shelton's Charms Anymore

Levine knows all of Shelton's tricks to get a contestant on his team and he won't let anyone, including himself, fall for it in this funny, competitive moment between the two coaches.

Quote 9: Levine Does A Blind Audition

Levine pretending to be a frightened contestant for 45 minutes would be the most hilarious episode of The Voice to watch because his quote before his blind audition — "I'm so terrified" — is ridiculously funny.

Images: Trae Patton/NBC; rebloggy (14)