17 Newspaper Front Pages About Germanwings

Newsstands across the globe were bleak on Wednesday, sharing images from the same tragedy: the catastrophic crash of Germanwings Flight 4U 9525, which claimed the lives of 150 passengers and crew members. The Airbus A320 was en route to Düsseldorf, Germany, from Barcelona when it vanished from radar more than 40 minutes into the flight. As operations are underway to retrieve remains and debris, newspapers across the world mourned the victims on their front pages, many of which juxtaposed the harrowing scene of the crash site with somber memorials.

Many of the front pages referenced the flight's final minutes, which included what was believed to be an eight-minute descent before crashing into the mountains of the French Alps. (French officials now believe that descent was longer, possibly as long as 18 minutes.)

The Guardian wrote, "The 8-minute descent to death," while the Daily Mirror flashed, "8 Minutes of Terror." France's 20 Minutes said, simply, "Injuste ciel" or "Unjust sky."

Meanwhile, German media was somber and introspective. The nation lost at least 75 people in the crash, including 16 high school students on their way back from a foreign exchange trip in Spain. A newspaper in Düsseldorf, where Flight 4U 9525 was scheduled to land Tuesday morning, imposed the words "Death in the Alps" over the horrific image of scattered, indistinguishable debris.

Rheinische Post, Düsseldorf, Germany

Bild, Berlin, Germany

Bremer Nachrichten, Bremen, Germany

The Guardian, United Kingdom

The Times, London, U.K.

20 Minutes, Paris, France

Liberation, Paris, France

Jornal De Notícias, Porto, Portugal

El Punt, Barcelona, Spain

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La Stampa, Torino, Italy

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de Volkskrant, Amsterdam, Netherlands