This 4-Year-Old Mini-Beyonce Dancing To "7/11" On 'Ellen' Is The Best Thing To Happen Since Beyonce

Today in kids who are super talented and much cooler than you is 4-year-old Heaven, dancing to Beyonce's "7/11" on The Ellen Degeneres Show with her mom Tianne. Prepare to be massively impressed, and a tiny bit ashamed of yourself. Heaven is, as her name suggests, heaven. The tiny little lady gives Bey a run for her money with her incredible moves and huge attitude. And her mom is just about the coolest mom I've ever seen in my life, and also an incredible dancer too (although Heaven totally steals the spotlight, sorry mom).

Learning a Beyonce dance isn't easy. You can trust me, because I've stayed in on a Saturday night with a bottle of wine and some girlfriends and we've tried to learn from YouTube tutorials. Hint: it did not go well at all. I mean, we laughed a lot, but it wasn't the laughter of success, more the laughter of failure. Which makes Heaven's aptitude for dance all the more impressive: here's a four year old doing something most of us don't have the co-ordination to mimic. One thing I know for sure: if this girl doesn't grow up to tour with Beyonce, then everyone is stupid and nothing matters.

Watch her adorable and skillful dance below:

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Photo: YouTube