Boomaplane Is The Greatest Paper Airplane Throw Of All Time, Plus 9 Other Ridiculously Satisfying Videos

Magic is real, everyone. Forget the shenanigans with Santa, forget the Hogwarts letter that never came, because now that I have seen Boomaplane, the greatest paper airplane throw of all time, I'm officially done doubting the existence of the magical world. In the brief 20 seconds it stars in this video it will change you forever. He lets it go with just the most casual of tosses, at which point it boomerangs around the room in a magnificent splendor before coming right back to him. (No, YOU'RE crying about a paper airplane bromance.)

I don't know how many attempts this took, and quite frankly, I don't want to know. I want to believe in this perfect moment the way that I once believed that leprechauns dyed my milk green every March. I want to write songs about the enduring friendship of this man and his airplane that will be sung from generation upon generation to come. I want an homage to this perfect example of paper airplane engineering to be preserved in the Smithsonian until the end of time. Just look at the awe-inspiring beauty of this airplane majestically taking flight and TELL ME that you don't fully agree:


Also, just look at this broski's face. This is the look of someone who was just proposed to at a baseball game. Hits you right in the feels, yo.

Here's the actual video, which I highly recommend watching in full form, as it is underscored with "I Believe I Can Fly" and we all deserve to have that stuck in our head like it's the '90s all over again.

TOMistheTOM on YouTube

So basically now we are all high on our own satisfaction, and we might as well keep this trip going for as long as possible. Here are a few other videos that will convince you magic is real:

1. This ice coming off a headlight in a perfect molded sheet

thattvideo on YouTube

2. The turn carving of a chest rook piece

GlacernMachineTools on YouTube

3. This "How It's Made" video of pasta

Caloudylou on YouTube

4. Melting soda cans

The King of Random on YouTube

5. This old man digging clams

Stephen Allen on YouTube

6. This Peep exploding in a microwave

Opie Radio on YouTube

7. This "How It's Made" video on spark plugs

8. The noise this industrial paper cutter makes

Jude Forrest on YouTube

9. The sawing down of this giant jawbreaker

hifijohn on YouTube

Well, that ought to leave us all good and satisfied until the weekend. Enjoy your temporary brain coma.

Images: YouTube (2)