How To Get Carrie B's Best Outfits From Season 6

by Freyia Lilian Porteous

Yesterday was Sarah Jessica Parker's birthday, and I say "hooray" to that. Since the age of 12, when I first snuggled up in my auntie's bed to watch it on her little box TV, I have been a mega-fan of the fashion of Sex and The City (as well as everything else about the show, of course). SaTC marathons have seen me through breakups, boredom and 30 hour embroidery sessions. And despite Carrie's sometimes self-involved attitude, and the show's age, I still find her little musings relevant.Carrie's chameleon-like wardrobe inspired me to spend my teenage years experimenting with layers, colors, fabrics and textures. Although I spent my Saturdays strutting around the charity shops of Scarborough, U.K. (and occasionally the cobbled streets of nearby York) rather than Chanel in Manhattan, Carrie's eccentric and playful fashion sense still inspired me to don a 1950s petticoat and pretty ballerina wrap to waltz about my small hometown in. Looking back at that time period, I didn't always get it right (much like Carrie IMO — sorry, not sorry). But SJP's most famous character was a very integral influence on developing my sartorial voice.

The sixth and final series (the second half especially; yes I really am a fangirl) particularly showcases all that is wonderful about Carrie's romantic eccentricity style wise. Her multi-layered dresses, tulle skirts, pearl necklaces, faux fur coats, little leather gloves, girlish knits, quaint Breton stripes and soft colors are ethereal, cosy and fun. And who could forget that French ball gown she wore when Aleksandr left her alone and wistful in her luxe Parisian hotel? As she sadly slumbered amidst layers of tulle and sequins, my heart did a mini flip.

So in honor of SJP, here are my 15 favorites from Carrie Bradshaw's Season 6 closet, and how to channel them yourselves:

1. The Sequin & Tulle Ensemble

Oh sigh. The dress. Make like Carrie in the Aleksandr Petrovsky days and slip on some shimmering sequins and a skirt fit for a fairy. Fancy hotel optional. Emotionally unavailable man definitely unnecesasary.

Sequin Open Back Tank, $101, etsy.comFairy Tulle Skirt, $80,

2. The Feminine Wool Coat

It may be spring, and the sun may be coming out, but the night is dark and full of terrors (sorry, wrong series...) and us girlies need to stay warm. Woolen coats are super cosy, and because the high street is transitioning to spring/summer stock, they are probably on sale, too! Yippee! Keep it ladylike, and channel the late '50s and early '60s, as you snuggle up in an A-line, princess or cape-style coat, in a soft color, a la Carrie. Don't forget your sky high stilehettos.

Sisley Coat In Boucle Wool, $119,

Slouchy Wool Blend Boyfriend Coat, $133,

Pink Long Coat, $95,

3. The Leather Gloves

Miss Bradshaw's accessorizing is top notch in Season 6, and I particularly covet her collection of long, vintage-style leather gloves. Practical and pretty. Keep your eye out in the thrift stores for bargains, or try these!

Vintage Pink Kidskin Gloves, $24,

1940s Opera Gloves, $42, Add a touch of Carrie-inspired styling by layering up statement bracelets. These lovelies are by Amore Treasure, who create extravagant yet elegant, upcycled, one-off pieces from forgotten vintage earrings. Swoon.

Upcycled Vintage Earrings Bracelets, from $43,

4. The Cosy Knits

Whether it's luxury cashmere, feminine delights or boyfriend style slouchies, Carrie's knitwear packs a punch in Season 6. What better place to get inspiration for spring? Pull on one of these beauties to make it through the season snug.

Slouch V-Neck Cashmere Blend Jumper, $36,

Basic Sweat, $80,

Cotton Cardigan, $59,

5. The Sporty Tee

Anyone who is familiar with my style posts will know I love a good mix of femme and sportswear. Carrie pulls a few athletic-themed tees out of the bag in Season 6. Here are a few for replicating her athleisure before that was even a word:

Pink Cooperative Ringer Tee, $23,

90s Pink Adidas Tee, $29,

6. The Silk Bomber

Teamed with a pearl necklace Elizabeth Taylor would be proud of, and a sleek hairstyle fit for a ballerina, how can you not love SJP in this blush silky bomber jacket? Steal her style with this perfect piece:

Silky Bomber Jacket, $70,

7. The Horseshoe Pin

Carrie didn't always have the best luck in love, but maybe that's because she only wore her horseshoe brooch the one time? Sprinkle your outfit with a bit of luck with this Carrie-inspired find.

Vintage Silver Horseshoe Brooch, $20,

8. The Monogram

Okay, so the famous "Carrie necklace" isn't strictly a Season 6 piece — although she does significantly lose it and find it again in Paris — but Miss B is seen sporting a couple of sneaky monograms, such as the cute "C" sweater above and vintage pin. Have a go yourself:

Unisex Helvetica Alphabet T-Shirt, $12,

Vintage Varsity Sweater With Letter "M" (similar made to order), $45,

Gold-Plated Custom Name Necklace, $45,

9. The 1920s and 1930s-Inspired Embellishments

From feathers to traditional embroidered motifs to tassels to sequins, Carrie channels her inner flapper girl in satins, chiffons and velvets. Luckily, if you're moved by Bradshaw's exquisite blast from the past, the high street and independent brands alike never seem to tire of this era. You'll be spoiled for choice.

Limited Edition Gianna's Valentine Dress, $670,

Custom Ostrich Feather Skirt, $295,

10. The Sheer Nude Layers

Carrie Bradshaw mixes sheer layers and sequins in nude shades of blush, taupe and lilac to create a wardrobe fit for a sylph in Season 6. Do sexy in a playfully elegant way this spring, in honor of SJP's most missed character.

Coast Paparazzi Dress, $154,

ASOS Sequin Skirt Cami Dress, $33,

Silver Silk Camisole, $132, Silk Skirt, $79,

11. The Ballerina Skirt

Make like a ballerina in probably Carrie's most iconic look of the season. Just be sure not to be left alone at any gallery openings by self absorbed Russian artists. Just in case, be sure to carry a muff; you never know if you might need to run across moonlit Paris to meet your true love, and it's cold out.

Fairy Tulle Skirt, $80,

12. The Blush Co-Ords

Perhaps one of my favorite Bradshaw sartorial moments from season 6 is her babysitting outfit. Soft and feminine with another nod to the late '50s, Carrie's pastel box wool jacket and pencil skirt are just too cute.

Wild Rose 1950s Coat, $98,

ASOS Co-ord Jumper In Mohair With Button Back, $23, asos.comASOS Co-ord Dress With Knitted Skirt And Lace Top, $27,

13. The Faux Fur Stole

Perfect for this transitional weather, the faux fur stole is a quaint alternative to a scarf. You need not even leave the house to wear it! Do a Carrie and get your faux fur on as you compose your emails.

Marjorie Faux Fur Stole, $22,

14. The Heavy Sequins

This is, in my opinion, Carrie's most romantic season of SaTC, so here's another uber-spangled look. Show off your shape in a liberally sequinned dress with a late '50s vibe — you'll glitter at every curve.

ASOS Premium Floral Embellished Tank, $179,

1950s Cream Sequin Top, $68,

15. That Bejeweled Phone

Not technically a look, but come on: Who didn't lust after this rhinestone-encrusted beauty? And who mourned when she threw it into the Mexican Sea Post Alter Jilt? Inspired by Carrie, I actually managed to find my very own sparkly handset on Ebay. It was a silver, bejeweled Hello Kitty handset from Japan. It lasted a while, but broke pretty quickly and was not easily fixable. Boo, hiss. Sad times.

For a more practical solution to your phone envy, why not invest in a sparkly phone cover?

Jeweled Rhinestone Protective iPhone 5 Case, $5, Now you're all set for the spring in the style of Carrie circa Season 6! Happy shoe shopping! (And take care of that pretty heart.)

Images: HBO; Courtesy Brands