'Pretty Little Liars' Hanna Marin Is The Jesse Pinkman Of Rosewood, Bitch

Just when I thought I couldn't possibly love Hanna Marin more than I already do, Caleb's better half channeled Aaron Paul in the Pretty Little Liars Season 5 finale. By now, we all have already come to terms with the fact that PLL's Big A Reveal wasn't what we wanted and not even the fact that Charles DiLaurentis is Big A is enough to make it right. But that doesn't mean that "Welcome to the Dollhouse" was a subpar episode — in fact, I actually thought to myself, "Wow, this is awesome," multiple times — because it brought us something even better than an A reveal. Tuesday's episode made Hanna Marin the Jesse Pinkman of Rosewood, bitch. And it was amazing.

I noticed awhile ago that Hanna has a favorite expletive on Pretty Little Liars. During the finale, Hanna managed to squeeze "bitch" into not one, but two comments directed at A. Can you blame her? She's locked in a life-sized dollhouse, being tortured with alarms, and forced to deal with Mona's madness — it's only normal that she'd be angry. Add in that A kind of threatened Caleb's safety and PLL had me yelling, "BITCH," at my TV screen also.

But only during Tuesday night's episode, while she was locked in a dollhouse, wearing an orange jumpsuit did I realize that it's the very same expletive as Aaron Paul's Emmy-winning Breaking Bad character gave a major comeback to.

I know you're seeing the resemblance now.

So, when Hanna finally breaks out of the dollhouse, can we get a PLL spin-off series where she and Caleb become the Bonnie and Clyde of our generation, living out of an RV in New Mexico? I vote yes. Between her brilliance and Caleb being best known hacker in Rosewood, I can see a PLL -meets-Breaking Bad situation here. And I'm into it — I'm really into it.

OK, just one more.

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