The 6 Best 'Full House' Catchphrases, Because You Know You Still Say "How Rude!"

My love for Full House knows no bounds, and I'd venture to say that this holds true for many of my fellow '90s babies. The nostalgia for this show is very much alive and has been ignited even more in the past year with talks of a Full House revival and various cast reunions. I mean, I was even watching Empire last week, and I googled Jussie Smollet (for obvious reasons), which is how I learned that his sister, Jurnee Smollet, played Michelle Tanner's friend Denise. You see, Full House is still everywhere!

Sure, many of the past cast members still pop up on our television screens from time to time, but one thing that really stands out about our beloved '90s shows is their love of catchphrases. You would be hard-pressed to find someone that doesn't recognize Steve Urkel of Family Matters oft-used line, "Did I do that?" And of course, Full House has some pretty legendary phrases that were said by all of us back then, and some that I admit I still use now. From Joey's "Cut it OUT" to Michelle's "You got it, dude," I took a trip down memory lane and gathered some of the best catchphrases used daily by the Tanner family.

"No Way, Jose"

Michelle Tanner probably had most of the repeated short catchphrases, given the fact that she was a child and thus didn't have time to say anything too intricate. Plus, since she was an adorable kid actor, she was the only one that could get away with saying "No way, Jose" and still get some giggles.

"Watch The Hair, huh!"

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Oh, Uncle Jesse, once a babe, always a babe. Jesse Katsopolis had a flowing, shiny mane of dark Greek hair that he was very obsessed with and for good reason: it was the perfect mix of retro bouffant and '90s mullet. Uncle Jesse was never shy about his hair care routine, and his catchphrase came up quite a bit when anyone dared to get too close to his shining glory. There is also a band called Uncle Jesse's Hair, which speaks of its epicness.

"Cut It Out"

Joey Gladstone's corny jokes are the kind that are so bad that you just have to laugh at them. He usually uses this phrase during his stand-up routines, and my dad still uses it to try to be funny. I guess it actually works, eh?

"You Got It, Dude"

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Here comes Michelle Tanner again with one of her plethora of catchphrases. This is one that can pretty much only be pulled off by her because she's so cute.

"How, RUDE!"

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Admit it: I bet you can't utter these words without immediately thinking of Stephanie Tanner. I feel like I almost always say it in the same intonation that she uses it, so I just go along with it and smile with anyone else that gets the reference. Being the middle sister, Steph had plenty of reason to be the angsty one, but she always made it so sweet and adorable.

"Have Mercy"

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This one is the best because Uncle Jesse is always my favorite Full House character. After so many seasons, you would think I'd get tired of hearing him say this, but that would be a lie. Although, it just dawned on me that he mostly said this phrase in response to being around a pretty girl — and there were a lot of them. So, Uncle Jesse was kind of a playboy before he met Aunt Becky, gasp and horror! I will forgive him because he sang "Forever" for her at their wedding, and all was well.

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