Where Does Big A Get His Money On 'Pretty Little Liars'? Life-Size Dollhouses Don't Come Cheap, Ya Know

Now that I've all had some time to properly digest everything the Pretty Little Liars Season 5 finale laid at our feet, I'm beginning to become more and more mystified by everything Big A, or should I say Charles DiLaurentis, is able to accomplish. I mean, this is a guy who seems to have an unlimited amount of financial backing at his disposal. (I don't know the exact estimate or anything, but I can only imagine building your own human-sized dollhouse is a mighty big purchase.) So where exactly does Big A get all of his money? Is there some Kickstarter A foundation that I'm unaware of? Is A actually a millionaire? At this point, I'm up for considering any possible angles because, as it stands now, I'm at a complete and total loss.

I mean, just think of all the things A has been able to do throughout these past five seasons. He's clearly smart and well-educated with the kind of tech savvy abilities that would put even the likes of Felicity Smoak to shame. None of this would be possible with proper financial backing. (So I guess money really is the root of all evil.) But how is A pulling it off? Here are a few possible explanations…

He Inherited It

We now know that Charles ended up being pretty much neglected by the DiLaurentis family and was raised elsewhere, potentially by whoever runs the Campbell Farm, given the home video footage we saw. What are the Campbells up to now? Are they even around anymore? If Charles was set to inherit their money, there's no telling how far he'd go to get his hands on it. Perhaps his adopted parents suffered from a terrible "accident" that left him with everything. I'm not sure how financially well-off owning a farm would make him, but hey, you never know. I mean, who doesn't love a good apple picking?

He Stole It

Given everything we've seen A do, is it really that far fetched to think he's hacked into multiple ATMs or deactivated the security system of a bank vault? A is a criminal mastermind. One little door is not going to stop him.

He's Related To Bill Gates

As one Tumblr user cleverly pointed out, A's puzzling money situation could easily be explained if Jessica DiLaurentis had an affair with a billionaire… someone like, say, Bill Gates, perhaps. It would also certainly help explain why he's so good with technology. Just saying!

He's An Avid Gambler

What? Just because he stalks the Liars for a living doesn't mean he can't have a hobby?

His Father Is The Inventor Of Toaster Strudel

If it's good enough for Gretchen Wieners, it's good enough for A.

He Has Access To A Genie

I mean, why not, right? On a show like this, the sky's the limit! (Seriously, though, A — spread the wealth.)

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