10 Memorable 'Full House' Music Moments That You Can Never Help But Sing Along With — VIDEO

OK, it's pretty well documented here at Bustle that Full House is the greatest '90s show, and, arguably, my favorite sitcom of all time. There are too many reasons to name right now as to why that is true, but, looking back on it (and at the risk of sounding like an ancient fossil), a lot of it has to do with the fact that Full House was good-natured, and, yes, over-the-top fun. Isn't that what we expect from a massive family of distinct characters all living under one roof? Well, along with its catchphrases, trips to Disney, and adorably cheesy final lessons from Danny Tanner, one of the most memorable parts of the sitcom was Full House 's musical numbers.

With Uncle Jesse and his band, The Rippers, being an integral part of his character and the show, there were plenty of moments that showcased how important music was to the Tanner family. Not just Jesse — Stephanie, DJ, Danny and Joey all often took part in the musical numbers and showcased both popular music of the time, as well as some classics. (We all know how obsessed Jesse was with Elvis and the Beach Boys.)

So, without further ado, I've rounded up some of the best musical moments, complete with musical special guests, on Full House — and I apologize in advance for getting all these songs stuck your head now. Actually, go ahead and thank me for it.

The Polka Party

AlvarezLucia on YouTube

Uncle Jesse goes on the road with his new band, Hot Daddy and the Monkey Puppets. DJ has already started dating bad boy Viper, a member of the band, who comes to the rescue when Hot Daddy and the Monkey Puppets is wrongly booked to play at a polka party. How does Viper come to the rescue, exactly? By having experience with a polka band, of course. The band pulled off "I Wanna Rock and Roll All Night" by KISS quite well if you ask me. Where did all those band members come from, though?

Motown Philly Dance Routine

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So, my parents totally used to have a Boyz II Men cassette back in the day, and I used to dance around to "Motown Philly" like a maniac. I obviously loved the episode when Stephanie begged to be in a dance program and danced to this song, because that meant we could totally be friends IRL. That's all I wanted when I was eight years old. (But, then again, who didn't want just that?)

Danny Singing "My Girl" To DJ

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This moment was just so sweet, and it allowed Danny Tanner have his own shining moment on stage, dedicating a song to his oldest daughter, DJ, after they had a little fight. His voice isn't half bad either.

A Moment With Nicky and Alex

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Danny, Jesse, and Joey all get together with some pretty impressive harmonies to sing the Kenny Loggins classic "Return to Pooh Corner" for Nicky and Alex. I have to admit, I got a little misty-eyed revisiting this. My mom used to play this cassette for my brother and I when I was younger. Excuse me while I sob about missing my childhood.

Uncle Jesse Doing the Hula in Hawaii

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Vacation episodes were always my favorite '90s family sitcom episodes and "Tanner's Island" was no exception. The crew goes to Hawaii and, after Jesse and Rebecca have a fight over Elvis Presley, she gets him on stage at their hotel show to sing "Rock A Hula" by The King. This is the moment of many an awakening for young women everywhere.

Scott Baio Makes a Special Appearance

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Perennial wedding favorite "(You Make Me Wanna) Shout!" will make ANYONE dance. They brought in star of yesteryear, Scott Baio, as a member of Jesse's old band, Feedback.

Girl Talk Sings Ace of Base

GirlTalkRetro on YouTube

Full House always made sure to stay with the times and shout out to the popular music of the era, so when Stephanie decided to make a band with Gia, they covered "I Saw The Sign" by Ace of Base. This might have been where my love of Swedish pop music came from, because I definitely sang this over and over with my cousins.

A Song for Michelle's Broken Heart

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When Michelle's first puppy love left town, Jesse sang her the adorable "Michelle's Smiling" to cheer her up.

Uncle Jesse Sings "Forever" At His Wedding

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Bring out the tissues for this one, because this moment is definitely one of the sweetest moments on the show and one of the most beautiful performances of "Forever" ever. Sure, the now-legendary and super '90s music video is up there on the list, but the Becky and Jesse montage at their wedding will get any Full House lover choked up all over again.

The Entire Tanner Family On Stage with The Beach Boys

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Jesse's love for the Beach Boys was a running theme throughout the show and, in the episode "Beach Boy Bingo," the actual band made a special cameo. In the episode, DJ wins tickets to their concert on the radio and can only take one person — and chooses Uncle Jesse. Danny gets upset and, naturally, the band shows up to their home and invites them all to the concert. Too cute!

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