12 Stages Of Grief Every One Direction Fan Is Going Through Now That Zayn Malik Has Left The Band

Deep breath in, deep breath out. It’s really true, Directioners. Zayn Malik has left the One Direction building. Well — he’s left the metaphorical building that is One Direction. A building that is now, sadly, not as beautiful or well-manicured. I bet you’re feeling a lot of feelings about it. It’s cool, though. You’re allowed to have an emotional, slightly irrational reaction to the news. No one is going to judge you (except for all those people judging you). It’s just healthy to know that you’re not alone. We are all grieving Zayn Malik's untimely departure from One Direction.

But grieving Malik is a unique, unparalleled experience. Sure, some Kübler-Ross steps are thrown in the mix but this sort of bereavement goes so far beyond that. Five steps simply aren’t enough to project the accurate range of emotions we’re all unfortunately subject to. It’s important to know that, I have literally no qualifications in this area at all other than watching a lot of tragic TV and films. But, rest assured, they have had seemingly good fictional grief counselors on said programs, and I feel fairly confident in accurately relaying these stages of grief to you. So, perhaps you’ll find some comfort in the universality of this One Direction bereavement.

And, without further ado, here they are:

1. Denial

Zayn isn't leaving. He's just going on an extended vacation. Nowhere near the rest of the band members... for a while.

2. Blame

Thanks, Obama.

3. Self-loathing

Maybe it's my fault. Maybe I didn't tweet him enough. Maybe I didn't mail him enough rough sketches I drew of his face.

I never did tell him how lush his facial hair was.

4. Early On-set Existential Crisis


5. Heart palpitations

*Clutches onto a steady surface*

6. Depression

You don't need to know the weather forecast. Because you know it's raining in your heart.

7. Sad Eating

We all have coping mechanisms, OK?

8. Sad Drinking

...some of those coping mechanisms are more prudent than others.

9. Reminiscing

Remember all those times Zayn didn't leave One Direction?

Yeah, me too.

10. Rash Tweeting

When you finally get your bearings, you're going to do the only thing you know how: Airing your grievances in 140 characters.

11. Self-doubt

After all, you've never successfully made it through a Zayn-less day before. Who knows if you're even able.

12. Acceptance

You still light up our world's like nobody else.

'Till we meet again, Zayn. 'Till we meet again.

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