7 March Madness Party Recipes For Duke Fans Who Are Looking For Something To Munch On During The Big Game

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It's not a party without some snacks, and these March Madness recipes for Duke fans can only mean one thing: some serious southern cookin’. As a southerner myself and a serious Southern Charm fan, I had to call up my momma to remember my manners so as not to cuss up a storm with each additional recipe I rounded up — one more delectable than the other. Hot damn! So, get your dukes up, Duke fans (and, by dukes I mean your knives, forks, spatulas, and bibs), because while your team hits the court, you can still hit the kitchen and flex your own mad skills. Swish. Heard that? Yeah, you don’t need a net and a slam-dunk to stun the crowd. You just need a whisk. Woosh!

Image: My Baking Addiction

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