Does Jason Know That Charles DiLaurentis Is His Twin On 'Pretty Little Liars'? Jason May Know A Better Than Anyone

Pretty Little Liars has a tendency to asks way more questions than it answers, but we got our biggest clue to the A mystery in Tuesday's Season 5 finale "Welcome To The Dollhouse." The huge reveal from Tuesday's episode was that Jason DiLaurentis' twin, Charles DiLaurentis, is A — and this blogger has never felt so vindicated in her life.

My favorite A theory has always been that the elusive stalker was a secret sibling of Jason and Alison, and I was waiting patiently for another clue that would prove the theory correct. While we know that Charles is A, we also know so little about this mysterious man, like where he was all these years or whether he is connected to any of his family members. And what about his family member's connection to him — does Jason know Charles? What does that mean for the show?

My theory is, yes, he does. When you break it down, it only makes sense for Jason to know about Charles — even if Jason is completely in the dark about his twin brother's scary antics. Here's why Jason most likely knows exactly who Charles is, even if he has no idea that he's the one in the black hoodie.

Jason is older than Alison

We don't know if Ali knows about Charles yet, but my guess is that she doesn't because she was too young to fully remember her other brother. Jason, on the other hand, is Charles' age — unless they sent Charles away at an extremely young age (highly unlikely) Jason would have grown up with his brother.

My guess is that a mentally unstable Charles did something to hurt Ali at a young age — say, eight — and was sent away for it. That explains why Ali doesn't remember Charles (she was too young) and why Jason wouldn't talk about Charles in front of Ali. If Charles really did try to hurt Ali, then perhaps Jason's parents forbid him from talking about the incident in front of Ali — which meant no one talked about Charles, period.

Jason has secrets

Ali always knew where Jason was hiding his stash of secret stuff, but why was this guy so secretive in the first place? Could it be because he had evidence of Charles in his room and didn't want Ali to find it?

Jason's relationship with his mother changed

Jason and his mother were always at odds... until they weren't. In Season 4, just before Mrs. DiLaurentis was murdered, Jason defended his mother's actions to anyone — even Spencer, with whom he previously shared an allegiance to. What if the reason for the initial tension with his mother stemmed from her locking away Charles, and Jason's forgiveness of his mother was because she finally explained why she did it?

Perhaps Mrs. DiLaurentis told Jason that not only did Charles attempt to hurt Ali as a child, but he came back to finish the job after escaping from Radley? Jason might finally understand that Charles really is dangerous, and that Mrs. DiLaurentis' actions were just to protect the rest of her family from harm.

Jason disappeared frequently with little explanation

Jason moves to Philly. Jason goes to rehab. Jason goes to visit his grandmother. Seems pretty convenient, no? We already know that the last rehab center Jason was sent to didn't exist, so it's clear Jason has been doing something really shady in his spare time. Jason could have been visiting Charles for years in secret and no one would be the wiser.

A darker, alternative theory? That Charles locked Jason in the dollhouse for a few of those "visits" and threatened Jason if he told anyone about it.

Jason wants to help "troubled kids"

Jason has issues with substance abuse, but perhaps that's not the only reason he was so interested in helping high schoolers find their right path. If Jason knows Charles, and knows the struggles Charles has with mental illness, he could want to help other kids avoid the issues that his twin went through his entire life. He might not be able to say that out loud, but it would give him some extra motivation for his cause.

Jason may know Charles, but it doesn't seem like he's in on his twin's A game. If that's the case, Jason might be the good twin... and Charles the evil one.

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