Ed Sheeran vs. Maroon 5: Whose Wedding Crashing Was Better? — VIDEO

When you think of wedding crashers, you probably think of Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson sneaking into receptions and picking up women, but now you can imagine singers making people's big days even better. Ed Sheeran crashed a wedding and sang "Thinking Out Loud," and it will probably turn you into a puddle of tears. This wasn't just Sheeran randomly popping into a wedding — Sydney radio station KIIS FM’s Kyle Sandilands and Jackie “O” Henderson threw couple Matt and Kya a $60K wedding because they were unable to afford their own after her mother's death. Their last surprise was bringing Sheeran in to serenade them while they had their first dance.

Although this was a perfect moment that is completely unique, I can't help but compare it to Maroon 5's "Sugar" video where they surprised many couples with crash wedding performances. There was some controversy that the whole thing was staged, but if we take that out of the equation, both performers had completely different ways of making peoples' days special. To see whose reigns supreme, I've compared a few aspects of each wedding crashing, from the bride and groom's reaction to the glitz and glamour to the type of dancing that happened. See who wins in the Maroon 5 vs. Ed Sheeran battle below.

Round 1: The Reason Behind The Crash

Ed Sheeran: Matt and Kya couldn't afford a wedding after the cost of her mother's funeral, so KIIS FM threw them a big bash and brought in Sheeran as a surprise.

Maroon 5: They just felt like crashing weddings and surprising a bunch of people.

Winner: Ed Sheeran

Round 2: The Bride & Groom's Reaction

Ed Sheeran: Absolute shock, tears, and a sweet kiss.

Maroon 5: Potentially staged excitement that seems too over-the-top to be real.

Winner: Ed Sheeran

Round 3: The Band's Staging

Ed Sheeran: Simple — just him and his guitar on a small stage.

Maroon 5: The whole shebang, complete with a big stage, the whole band, and lots of confetti.

Winner: Maroon 5

Round 4: The Guests' Reactions

Ed Sheeran: Most people were watching and taking photos and the radio hosts were crying. Well, at least one of them.

Maroon 5: Super excited, although may be staged...

Winner: Maroon 5

Round 5: Dance Style

Ed Sheeran: A tearjerker first dance.

Maroon 5: Breakdancing and other crazy moves to the fast-paced song.

Winner: Ed Sheeran

Overall Winner: Ed Sheeran

KIIS 1065 on YouTube
Maroon5VEVO on YouTube

When Sheeran left the wedding, he told Matt and Kya, "Make lots of babies tonight."

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