See All The Looks From Lilly Pulitzer For Target

by Emily Kirkpatrick

Ever since Target and Lilly Pulitzer announced they were teaming up back in January, I've been patiently waiting with bated breath to see the full range of resort-friendly items they were sure to produce. On Thursday, my prayers were answered in the form of a comprehensive Target x Lilly Pulitzer lookbook, featuring the entire collaboration including cosmetics, home goods, kid's apparel, and a full range of plus-size options.

As a tried and true New England lady raised in one of the preppiest environs one can image, there will always be a place in my heart for Lilly Pulitzer. In fact, as I write this I am wearing what could only be described as something a women in the '80s would wear to go play tennis at the country club. The pastel tropical prints, the seaside stroll-ready dresses, and the signature combo of pink and green all make me feel like I'm about to step aboard the poshest yacht in town. The best news about the collection is that you can get all of this ritzy suburban style on a dime with this 250-item collection priced between $2 and $150, with almost 200 of those items ringing up under $30! That also means you can snap up way more of these adorable pieces than would have previously thought possible.

Even if you're not a Lilly fanatic already, there's probably something in this uber-summery collection you'll be into. Below, we've got all of the looks from the highly anticipated collab.

1. The '60s Shift

Perfect for channeling your inner Betty Draper.

2. The Tropical Jumpsuit

The ultimate cool-girl ensemble.

3. The Cobalt Cover Up

In case you need to go directly from poolside to barside.

4. The Floral Kimono


5. The Mixed Prints

On a yacht, you can never have too many prints.

6. The Tropical Sundress

This shift just screams, "I'm really fun at parties."

7. The Hint Of Denim

Just in case you're print-adverse, there are plenty of solid-colored pieces in the line as well.

8. The Longer Sleeves

Perfect for beach parties that happen after the sun sets.

9. The Safari Print

A two-toned print feels more sophisticated, in case you want to take your Lilly P for T to the office.

10. The Ultimate In Mod

Pastels + a shift dress = '60s perfection.

11. The Modern Sundress

Breezy in all the best ways.

12. The Maxi

A printed maxi dress?! Yes, I promise you can pull it off.

13. The Sunny Romper

Rompers are still happening. Time to get with it.

14. The Clever Coverup

It doubles as an emergency beach towel!

15. The Pants Playsuit

Ooh, those colors are divine.

16. The Groovy Pants

This looks like the most comfortable outfit ever.

17. The Sport Shorts

Whether you're headed to a tennis match, beach day, or BBQ in the park, these shorts are flawless.

18. The White Coverup

Just slip on and go.

19. The Eyelet Shorts


20. The Supportive Bikini

Finally, designers have realized that having big boobs doesn't mean we want to look frumpy. Bless.

21. The High Waisted Bikini

Taylor Swift would highly approve.

The full collection drops April 19th, but start browsing and making your list now because you know as soon as these pieces go on sale, they'll be gone faster than you can say, Meet you by the tennis courts!

Images: Courtesy of Target (4)