7 Times Jennifer Lawrence & Bradley Cooper Showed Each Other Support, Because Everyone Loves A Good Shout-Out

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If you haven't heard that Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper have a brand new movie coming out that they're starring in together, you're definitely forgiven. The film, Serena, is quiet release for two stars known for churning out hits at the box office and who are usually unstoppable when paired together in work. Also unusual is the format of its release. Though the movie will see a limited theater running starting Friday, March 27, it is mostly skipping the theaters as it went straight to Video-On-Demand on Feb. 26. This happened after the film did terribly at the London Film Festival. But while some people didn't love this movie, that doesn't mean that you can't check the film out for yourself if you want — it's available on iTunes and Google Play.

But either way, we can all take a moment to appreciate the many times these two stars have publicly shown each other support, despite not having everything go the way they want it to all the time. Everyone loves a good shout-out between famous friends, right? Get ready to enjoy, because these two have quite a few!

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