The Best Colored Mascaras To Try If Black Lashes Are Starting To Feel A Little Too Blah

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Now that summer is approaching, it's the perfect time to start playing with more colorful makeup (not that you can't experiment with color year round, of course). There's the fun, bright-orange lippies and the shimmering teal eyeliner. But what about lashes? They get stuck with the same boring hues of brown and black all year. So I'm daring you to switch it up. Colored mascara is a great way to amp up any look, and it's surprisingly not as bold as it might seem. It's easy to layer to your perfect level of intensity, which means everyone from those just dipping toes into the makeup world or total makeup junkies can rock it. And whether you want to continue using your favorite YSL formula or are ready to try a completely unexpected color at a drugstore price, there's a mascara for you. Here are a few to consider when you revive your makeup bag for summer.

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