'Boy Meets World's Cast Keeps Smashing Our Ships

The former cast of Boy Meets World seems determined to make this weekend one of joyous but mixed fan emotions. First Shawn Hunter slips through our desperately-grasping adolescent fingers, and now Danielle Fishel — AKA Topanga Lawrence, goddess of our young hearts — is married, too. To someone who is decidedly not Ben Savage or his on-screen counterpart Cory Matthews.

Yes, yes, we know: Fictional characters, not real-life love, blah blah blah, etc. We get it!

In all honesty, though, we wish Fishel and her new husband — long-time boyfriend Tim Belusko — the best of luck, happiness, and all the good parts of married life. Their wedding took place at the Vibiana cathedral in Los Angeles, with Ben Savage in attendance and probably a whole horde of other 90s teen stars too.

Girl Meets World hasn't premiered yet, but we're genuinely glad Fishel will be back in our TV lives as Topanga Lawrence. Her character was, after all, really an underrated badass female character and feminist. There were a couple tiny roadblocks — choosing hey boy over Yale, etc. — but it all fit very well into the show's mythos of childhood soulmates, as well as with her character and her penchant for trusting her gut.

So, in celebration of her off-screen marriage (we all celebrated her on-screen one years ago), here are some Topanga Lawrence/Matthews gifs:

Images: beautifully-rebellious-tasha, hopelesswanderer071808