Big A Vs. Uber A: What's The Difference? 'Pretty Little Liars' Fans, It's Time To Figure This All Out

After seasons of waiting, we finally got our biggest clue to A's identity. After uncovering A's secret lair inside his (insanely creepy) "dollhouse," we now know that a man named "Charles" is A — and that Charles (Big A) could be Jason's twin. While we still don't know if Charles is, in fact, a DiLaurentis (though that seems extremely likely to be the case) we do know that showrunner I. Marlene King has called him out as Big A — and that's huge news. But before you think we've solved nearly all of the mysteries that Pretty Little Liars has in store, not so fast: Big A is different from Uber A, because there could be another A on the way. King told EW that while Charles is the person who stole the A game away from Mona in Radley back at the end of Season 2, there could be someone else looking to hurt the little liars. That person? Let's call him (or her) "Uber A."

It almost seems necessary for there to be a third A in the game — we've been told that all of the mysteries and questions fans had unanswered will wrap up in Season 6 and 7 and we still have so much more ground to cover. Mona, Charles, and this mysterious third person will round out the A trifecta of torture, but he (or she!) is clearly different from the rest of them. Here's why Uber A might be stalking the girls.

Uber A Could Be Just Downright Evil

We know why Mona attacked the girls all those years ago — she was still hurting from the bullying she received from Ali and had a mental breakdown that caused her to lash out. Mona did bad things, but she's not necessarily a bad person — as Mrs. Hastings pointed out in the Season 5 finale, Mona did the things she did "because she was sick." Though we don't know much about Charles, it's hinted that he might be hurting from abandonment from his family. Mona, upon seeing what's really in A's lair, says that it seems that A "has a soul." But Uber A? Uber A could just get off on the control and power that A seems to have over the girls and wants in. Uber A might not be a hurt person — he or she could be a card-carrying sociopath.

Uber A Could Steal The Game From Charles

My money is on Wren. For years I thought that Wren could be a secret sibling of Alison and Jason — and therefore be A — but if Charles is really Jason's twin, I'm not sure that could be true. (Would A really have affairs with his not one but two of his own siblings? Ew, no. Hope not.) That's not to say that Wren couldn't still be Uber A — perhaps he knew Charles from Radley, and decided to steal the game from Charles the way Charles did from Mona.

Uber A Might Have His Own Vendetta

Whatever Charles reason is for being A, it's connected to everything Ali-related. If all of Ali's storylines are wrapping up by the middle of Season 6 as promised, then Uber A probably isn't involved directly with Ali's arc. Perhaps Uber A is seeking revenge on something that the girls did after the Ali mystery was set into play — like, say, kill Shana. There are plenty of people who might want to hurt the girls, so once Charles' storyline wraps up, the girls might not rest easy.

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