"Who Do You Think You Are" Is So Spice Girlsy

If you would be so kind, please think about all of the Spice Girls' music videos. If necessary, go ahead and revisit all of the exquisite videos on YouTube. After you've done so, please consider the following question: Which Spice Girls music video deserves to be crowned The Most Spice Girlsy Music Video? Is it "Wannabe"? Or might that title belong to "Spice Up Your Life"? Close, but no cigar. It's "Who Do You Think You Are", the music video that doubles down on each individual Spice's brand and is a small glimpse into the UK club culture of the late '90s. If the Spice Bus from Spice World morphed into night club, the rooms of Club Spice Bus would look like the rooms in the "Who Do You Think You Are" video. Maximum Spice-osity.

Quick clarification: In 1997, the Spice Girls shot two music videos for “Who Do You Think You Are”. The second version—which features Jennifer Saunders, Kathy Burke, Dawn French, Llewella Gideon, and Lulu dressed up like the Spice Girls—was made for a UK telethon event. While the Sugar Lumps' version is absolutely fabulous (see what I did there?), it is not the version I'm talking about. The original "Who Do You Think You Are" is The Most Spice Girlsy Music Video.

So, what makes it The Most Spice Girlsy Music Video? Pull up a seat and prepare yourself for enlightenment.

The wardrobe choices

Forget coordinating costumes; it's all about the Spices showing off their individuality.

Scary's shimmy

Shake it to the right and to the left if you know that you feel fine.

Posh whips the camera with her ponytail

The moment is nothing short of everything.

The Posh Face Hold

This face sums up how I feel 90% of the time. BRB, changing my phone background to this image.

The Posh Point

The gold-plated bowls/hubcaps/hardhats glued to the walls are pretty legendary, too.

Posh's Spice Force 5 costume

She was in the Spice Force 5 before the Spice Force 5 existed.

Honestly, everything Posh does

What a goddess.

Girl power is literally everywhere

Just give in to the girl power. Let it wash over you, let it be tattooed to your torso, et cetera.

Baby hangs out in a brightly colored padded romper room

On brand.

Scary lounges in satin and furs

On brand.

Sporty kicks the camera


Ginger wears a crown and hangs out with an enormous red high heel

Nothing has ever felt so right.

Ginger's crimped hair

Her crimp game cannot be stopped.

Spice up your crimps.

Whatever it is that is happening here

Spice up your dance floor.

This horse statue

Spice up your vest.

This avant-garde fascinator

Spice up your hat.

These fire fingers

Spice up your fingers.

Images: emimusic/YouTube (18)