9 Easy Thanksgiving Dessert Ideas that Will Look AWESOME on Instagram

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It's 12am the night before Thanksgiving. You're standing in a dimly lit grocery store holding a pie crust, a can of creamed corn, and a jar of cherries that may or may not have expired in 2008. We all know the feeling (and when I say "we," I mean myself and other members of the Organization of Procrastination Specialists, a.k.a. OOPS).

Thanksgiving is often one of the coziest, most enjoyable days of the year. But the days leading up to Thanksgiving can be almost as unpleasant as the wine-and-turkey hangover. Picked over shelves? Check. Endless lines at Trader Joe's? Check. Awkward family e-mail threads about WHETHER OR NOT WE'LL HAVE ENOUGH PUMPKIN PIE OH AND PLEASE DON'T MAKE THE BEANS FROM LAST YEAR THEY GAVE ME GAS. Double check.

What's even tougher? Coming up with a simple, unique creation that both tastes fantastic and looks like it took ten hours to make (spoiler alert: it didn't).

We've already covered vegan and mail-order side dishes, but it's no secret that desserts are a sure-fire way to satisfy the masses. Read on for 10 Turkey Day sweets that take moments to prepare, and look so good you won't be able to resist Instagramming them. Get ready for "likes" from both your relatives and your followers!

Image: ry_mcgowan via Instagram

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