The Emily Thorne Love-Square on 'Revenge' Needs To End ASAP

ABC's Revenge aired its fourth episode on Sunday night and was very convincing in making us want to beg for the Emily Thorne love-square to end. Soon. We're all painfully aware of Emily's relationship woes at this point with Jack Porter (her first love and apparent "soul mate"), Aiden Mathis (her second love and partner in crime), and Daniel Grayson (her fiancé that she's been pretending to love for two seasons). The past few seasons, at least, haven't forced us to watch Emily grapple with two of the three men at a time but so far this season, it's become a full scale romantic riot.

Ever since Emily chose to reveal to Jack that she's the real Amanda Clarke, Jack's become increasingly more preachy and he just wants to be involved in everything. He was preachy before but about menial, normal person things, like not stealing and being a good person, but now he's taking his preachiness out on Emily. Emily clearly operates on her own set of rules and morals, another thing we're painfully aware of, but now we have to listen to Jack complain about them all the time by repeating the fact that he lost his wife.

In this episode, titled "Mercy," Jack actually wants to bring his preachiness into the game and get his hands dirty by outing Conrad Grayson to the police over his lying about who was the driver behind his flipped-over Ferrari (#richpeopleproblems). The more information Emily lets Jack in on (even though he was pretty helpful in uncovering the fact that someone in the Hamptons is trying to kill Conrad by supplying a mechanic friend who found a punctured brake-fluid container in the car), the more of a smoking gun and less likable person he becomes.

Bringing Aiden back into the picture has just been massive confusion since day-one. At first, we couldn't figure out whether or not he was working with Victoria Grayson or if he was just an undercover plant for Emily, which was cleared up during last week's big reveal. But now we can't figure out if he's working with Emily or just for himself, which is really just so damn annoying. He's all over the place and it seems like he does whatever the hell he wants and it's exhausting to watch. He was also really pissed about Emily telling Jack about her true identity, which he's probably right about considering it's a huge liability to the cause, but whatever.

Finally, Daniel. Prince of the Hamptons Daniel. He's clearly on the high and mighty path with his new magazine that he's putting together "all on his own" without having to use "his legacy" and it's spilling over into his relationship. Granted that it really wasn't nice or necessary of Emily to add his DUI to his publisher-bio for the magazine, there's no reason for Daniel to play games. Personally, I can't wait for this wedding day to come so that the whole Daniel-Emily saga can be put to rest for good. We know she doesn't really have feelings for Daniel, so it's just annoying now to watch her toy with him and pretend to be offended when he does the same because we know she's pretending.

It's time for someone to go or at least be released from Emily Thorne's love-square before the relationship drama overtakes the show entirely. I always appreciated that her feelings for Jack were the one thing that made Emily question her actions and prevented her from falling into the depths of true evil. The kind of love-triange between Jack, Emily, and Daniel worked because Jack had no idea who she was and it wasn't really a triangle because her and Jack could never really be together. It worked that way, as a small part of the weekly storyline that explored her feelings for maybe five minutes, and then got on with more pressing matters.

Now that Jack is in on the action (on a need-to-know basis) and her love for him is out in the open, nothing challenges Emily anymore. Except maybe the fact that Jack insists on discussing her plans in broad daylight in the middle of a crowded bar where anyone can hear (what the hell is that even about)? We could say that Aiden challenges her, but he's really just selfish and vindictive and after this week, we all know that that's never going to work out. And her relationship with Daniel is so painful to watch because it looks so hard for her to fake it. The entirety of Revenge has become about the men in Emily's life fighting with her about her loving someone else. If that's what I wanted, I'd watch Gossip Girl or One Tree HillI re-runs on Netflix.

For the sake of the show, Emily's sanity (we know juggling three good-looking men is hard, girl), and our enjoyment, one of these three guys has to go. SOON.