'Casual Vacancy' Trailer Is More Proof This Will Be A More Faithful Adaptation Than The 'Harry Potter' Series — VIDEO

The Casual Vacancy is coming, you guys. For those of you who don't know, The Casual Vacancy is the first book that J. K. Rowling wrote after the Harry Potter series and it's the most depressing book she's ever written — since the seventh Harry Potter book. The story opens with the death of pretty much the only unambiguously good person in the entire town, and then it just kind of goes downhill from there. Naturally, HBO decided to make a mini-series out of it, and another trailer for The Casual Vacancy has hit the Internet. If you were ever unsure whether this was going to be a faithful adaptation of the novel or not, then you can rest assured that HBO seems to be aiming to be as faithful to the novel as possible. You can tell that just from the dark mood lighting.

The book has a broad cast of characters, and the trailer flashes them all by too quickly to even keep track of. The most haunting thing is the voice over by Barry Fairbrother — which can freak out the viewers who know that he's dead until it's revealed that it's actually The Ghost of Barry Fairbrother who is narrating the trailer. Honestly, that just makes it ten times more creepy, but in a good way. Because it was a creepy moment in the book as well, even when you knew the culprits behind the web page.

In a funny way, this adaptation seems like it's going to be more faithful to the novels than the Harry Potter movies were to that book series — but that's all the more reason to check it out. Watch the trailer below and get ready for an interesting ride.

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Image: YouTube