The 'SPECTRE' Trailer Is Here!

by Loretta Donelan

If you weren't already super excited about this movie, may I present to you an excuse to be: The new trailer for the James Bond film Spectre is here, and it has done an amazing job of revealing just enough to get us fans even more hooked than before. Even though it's technically a teaser trailer, it reveals more than a lot of trailers do despite how minimal it is: We have snippets of dialogue from some key characters, and there's a lot of beautiful scenery. Interestingly, we hear very little from Bond himself (played by Daniel Craig), but the effect fits in with the plot of the film itself, which involves Bond being taken on a journey to reveal his past by mysterious outside forces (including the organization that is SPECTRE).

Another thing we see very little of in this teaser are any Bond girls, even though there appear to be three. Rather than the quick cuts that most trailers favor, this teaser lingers on beautiful European scenery. Instrumental swells and dark imagery give it an overall ominous tone; I'm certainly excited.

Despite some major leaks, most of us still don't know much about the film, including the crucial question of who Inglourious Basterds star Christoph Waltz will play. This trailer clears a little bit of that up, while still remaining mysterious.

Here are the major details about the movie we learn from this amazing trailer:

1. It's very much a followup to Skyfall.

Starting from the beginning of the trailer, it's clear that it picks up where the last one left off.

2. The film will be dark and cerebral.

The swirling darkness and introspection of the trailer suggests that this will the Dark Knight of Bond films.

3. It will reveal secrets of Bond's past.

As Mrs. Moneypenny says at the beginning of the trailer.

4. There will be lots of Europe.

This movie appears to be Bond's tour of Europe.

5. Christoph Waltz will play the villain.

This was not fully confirmed before. As evidenced by his distinct voiceover, he will play Blofeld, the leader of the evil SPECTRE.

6. The Catholic church will play a role.

But how? It's unclear.

7. SPECTRE the organization will be very imposing.

The imagery and architecture stays true to Bond creator Ian Flemming's original intent of the organization being a fascist remnant. Such a spooky final shot.

Images: James Bond 007/YouTube (8)