Eva Mendes' Red Carpet Look Cost 6 Bucks

by Arielle Dachille

Celebrities: they're just like us! They're really proud of their second-hand shopping hustle. Case in point, Eva Mendes wore a 6-dollar dress on the red carpet from a thrift store one time. No word on whether she has ever purchased any supposedly marriage-ending sweatpants from Goodwill, but I'll keep you posted.

Mendes posted an extreme throwback picture to Instagram of her first red carpet appearance at the premiere of The Others in 2001. In the caption, she offered: "I did my own hair and makeup and that's a $6 dress from Goodwill. I've always loved a cheap find. Viva thrift shops." First of all, big-up to thrift store shopping. Not only is it eco-friendly, anti-corporate, and charitable; the thrill of a great Goodwill haul is one of the greatest rushes that a bargain-hunter can experience.

The second greatest thrill to finding a bunch of great stuff on the cheap is bragging about how little spent on it, as the actress seems to be delighting in. So, as Mendes says, may thrift shops live long and prosper.

But considering that it's my job to overanalyze every minute move that a celebrity makes, I can't help but wonder. Is this declaration of devotion to thrift store shopping part of a post-sweatpants comment apology tour? Eh???? Anyone???

Ya know. Like an "I swear I'm relatable" move after her joke about a supposed comfy pants/ divorce correlation caused her to momentarily fall out of the public's good graces?

Whether or not that is the case, my sweatpants and I haven't forgotten the egregious assault to their honor. Sure, we can forgive her, and concede that she looks cute in her 6-dollar dress. But we can never forget.