Students Discover Math Teacher Is A Male Model

Those who have taken a college course recently most likely know that professors are pretty lenient these days when it comes to technology. Of course, your laptop is only supposed to be used for note-taking purposes, but 90 percent of your class time is actually devoted to checking Facebook and online shopping. However, students from London College put their research skills to good use this past week, when they found out their math teacher is a successful male model, thanks to trusty old Google.

Students discovered that Pietro Boselli (or Professor Boselli, excuse me) was the winner of the European Fitness Model competition and has a wildly followed Instagram account that shows off all of his greatest physical attributes (just know that 1+5 packs equals a six pack). News broke about Mr. Boselli when one of his students, Arief Azli, made the discovery while in class and posted it on their Facebook page.

Azli wrote: "That moment when you realised [sic] your maths lecturer is one of the top designer model." Boselli also has a LinkedIn that is just as impressive as his Instagram. According to his professional profile, he has a Bachelor's and PhD in engineering from University College London. Talk about beauty and brains.

It's most likely that Boselli's students already had a hunch about his side hustle; after all, a picture posted of him during class showed him in a fitted t-shirt with impeccable biceps that definitely aren't common among college professors. This information just makes you wonder how many of his students will be visiting during office hours now. His next semester courses are likely to be highly over-registered.

Images: @pietroboselli/Instagram