Is 'Hart Of Dixie' Season 4 Finale Its Last Episode? "Bluebell" Left The Future Open

I'm so not ready to say goodbye to Bluebell, even after that surprise musical number at the end of Friday night's Hart of Dixie Season 4 finale. And it doesn't seem like The CW series is entirely ready to say goodbye either — thank god. Honestly, I didn't expect "Bluebell" to actually live up to all of the promises of being either a great and satisfying season finale or series finale (if it's come to that), but it really did. Dixie delivered — literally — on the Zade wedding and baby we've all been waiting for, Lemon and Lavon's happy ending, and it kept new 'ship Annabeth and George together. The best part, however, wasn't that everything tied up in a natural way, but that it's entirely possible for us to come back to Bluebell. So, is Hart of Dixie Season 5 possible? I absolutely think it might be.

If I said I didn't tear up a few times during Friday night's finale, I'd absolutely be lying. But, between two weddings, a new baby, Rose heading off to Columbia, and a few new characters, Hart of Dixie left things wide open for the series to continue if it were to be renewed by The CW or picked up by a streaming service. I wasn't sure if I'd want to see Lemon and Lavon and Zade's married life, but I absolutely do because they still have room to grow. "Bluebell" showed off exactly how these main characters have changed from Season 1 and how far they still have left to go. So, really, it'd be kind of unfair to take that away from us now. Right?

So, what happens now? We hope that the Season 4 finale's hashtag, "LongLiveTheHart," falls on the right ears because there will be nothing better nor more comical than watching this crew face babies and married life. And, honestly, I'm not ready to leave Bluebell — not even a little bit.

Images: Richard Foreman/The CW; fuckyeahzade/Tumblr