Hart of Dixie Must Answer These Crucial Questions Now, Because I Am Very Worried This Episode Will Be The Last


I don’t know about you guys, but I, for one, am completely not OK with Friday’s Hart of Dixie Season 4 finale possibly being it’s last. Bluebell brings a sweetness, a zaniness, and an all around warm fuzzy feeling that I just can’t seem to find on anywhere else. While I am keeping all of my fingers crossed that we see a Hart of DixieSeason 5, I am also preparing myself that this might actually be the end of Bluebell as we know it. If so, there'll be lots of viewing parties, wine, and crullers at my place every Friday night (hey, we all mourn in our own way). If this week is indeed the final bow for Zoe Hart, then Leila Gerstein and company have their work cut out for them, because there are a lot of questions that need answering in the span of an hour. We need resolution, and there might not be more time!

Do Zoe & Wade say I do?

Now that Zoe’s on board with getting married I’m positive they will end up tying the knot. But I want to see it happen! The wedding fashion alone would be enough for me, but we also need to see who would walk her down the aisle. Are we going to see her absentee father come back, or (and this is my personal favorite plan) would Brick step up as a Harley stand in? We may miss the wedding since it looks like the finale is baby-birth focused and yes, I am super excited to see Wade hold a tiny baby again and yes, I am dying to know what they name it. If I had to spend hours thinking about this (not that I have — I totally have a non-Bluebell life you guys), I would bet that they end up naming him Harley, a moniker he would share with his cousin. Harley Earl Kinsella has a nice ring to it. And speaking of Baby Boy Kinsella, how will they choose between besties for Godfather?

Do Lemon & Lavon raise their own football team?

The preview makes it pretty clear they do in fact get married — but I want more! Will they get a happily ever after? Will Lemon’s new sister Scarlett come to live with them, since lets face it, she’s basically the most inspirational role model around? Do they end up having their own football team of kids? I’d love a Parenthood-style flash-forward for these two — just to be sure everything is OK.

Will Annabeth & George Go the Distance?

No one deserves a grounded and committed relationship more than George Tucker. He has gone from love interest to love interest trying to settle down since we met him in the pilot. And it would be great to see Annabeth's parents get to know of George since they were so crushed after the Annabeth and Lavon breakup (join the club), it would be fun to see them embrace George as family. He and Annabeth are so cute together, I have to know if they can handle long distance while building new careers for themselves. Will Annabeth relocate to Nashville to be with George? Does George find his way back to Bluebell after realizing he cannot possibly live anywhere else? Does he turn Meatball and the Truitt brothers into worldwide country sensations? I want to know — and I need those albums. Make it so.

What becomes of Bluebell?

Will we ever get to see Brick make and honest women out of Shelby? I would watch the heck out of a Hart of Dixie spinoff focused on Magnolia and Shelby running a caberet and being sassy. With no more Dixie, how will we know if the Longs' alpaca farm ever takes off? Think of all of the town meetings, festivals and shows there still are. We need one last big hurrah and maybe a Christmas special. Is that really so much to ask?

Images: Colleen Hayes/The CW, giphy, moonlightsdream/Tumblr