16 Genius Ways To Keep Your Desk Organized

Whether you work in a legitimate office setting or you get things done at a home desk, one thing is for sure: it's hard to get anything done efficiently and quickly if your workspace is a total disaster. The importance of knowing how to organize your desk — and keep it organized — should not be underestimated. You would be surprised at how much easier it is to cross things off your to-do list when everything you need is easy to find.

Even as an exceptionally messy person, I always try to focus on keeping my office desk as neat, tidy, and organized as possible. If I come into work and my space looks like a bomb just hit it, it's really hard to focus on the things I need to get done. I am proof that even if you have a whole lot of stuff, you can still organize in a way that makes everything look great.

And since it's the season of spring cleaning, there doesn't seem like any better time to start organizing and cleaning your desk. Get ready to throw out all those papers you've been keeping for no reason at all, and be prepared to part with office supplies you have no use for. These simple tips and tricks will make cleaning and organizing your desk or office space easier than you could imagine. You'll thank me when it's all over, I promise.

1. Label every single folder or notebook, even if it seems small

File them all in one drawer or space.

2. Leave a small tray or dish on your desk to hold little knick-knacks

Instead of throwing your office card or cell phone on the desk, place it in the tray or bowl to save space. This one from Vitamini Handmade is perfect.

3. Place drawer separators or small bins in the drawer that holds your smaller items

Smaller items that aren't paper or notebooks get cluttered fast. Keep them as separated as possible. A Beautiful Mess has some great tips for keeping your supplies organized.

4. Secure a paper clip underneath your desk to hold all of your wires in one place

This tutorial is easy, and it will make your wires instantly less annoying.

5. Throw things out. Be ruthless!

It sounds obvious, but most of us will leave dead pens and markers on our desks for months before realizing they need to be thrown out. Get rid of supplies you don't need or decorations that you don't like that much.

6. Put all of your most important items in the drawer or space closest and easiest to access

That way, you won't waste any time looking for what you need to get started on an important project.

7. Keep a trashcan close by, right underneath your desk

Again, it sounds obvious, but not everyone has one there.

8. If you have wall space, make the most of it with hanging racks and organizers

This frees up drawer space, and makes it easy to access your papers. This one from Ikea is less than $20!

9. Run clear tape through your keyboard to clean it quickly

There's just something about having a dust-free space that will make you feel more productive.

10. Hang a basket under your desk to hold wires or other random things you don't really need on hand

Make your own custom wire ones with this tutorial from A Beautiful Mess.

11. Stack your round organizers to save space

Check out this example. It gives you more room on your desktop while still keeping small things separated. You can buy those jars from this Etsy shop if you want.

12. Label your cords with bread tags so you don't get confused about what's what

Here's what I mean. You'll thank me when you're searching for your computer charger wire.

13. If possible, hang or attach clipboards to the wall to hold onto important loose papers you need to remember

It's hard to forget about them when they're hanging in front of your face, as opposed to sitting in a drawer. Try something like this.

14. Make a charging station for your phone

This simple tutorial shows you how it's done.

15. If you have a small desk, make clip-on organizers that hang off the side to save space

Check out the tutorial right here.

16. Make use of wall space by hanging little shopping bags to hold things in

Here's the tutorial. It looks really cute, and it's super useful.

Images: Instagram;; Best Reviews