17 Easter Socks To Wear With Your Jellies For A Look That Captures The Essence Of Spring

Fun sandals are the best way to go when it comes to dressing for Easter weekend, and what’s more fun than a pair of jellies, right? Nothing, I say! I’d suggest rocking a pair of the throwback footwear this Easter, especially since they’re so on trend. To add a little more fun, top them off with a great pair of socks, you adorable fashionista, you!

Brands like Topshop, Forever 21 and ASOS have some of the best socks available for all your seasonally-appropriate needs. What exactly makes a pair of socks perfect for Easter? Well, here are a few playful signs that you’re on the right track: pastel colors, embellishments like lace and bows, flowers, and (of course), prints that include bunnies and little chicks.

If you got socks with any (or all of these) requirements, you’re bound to look like a springtime vision. Don't know where to begin? Try one of these 17 options on for size.

Pastel Perfection

Pink glittery socks will add just the right amount of sweet and sass to your Easter weekend look.

Roll Top Glitter Socks, $6, Topshop

Pastel Perfection

These striped socks are a pastel lover’s dream. The colors are light and airy and will go great with whatever ensemble you have planned no matter the color.

Stance Simplicity Sock, $8.40, Nasty Gal

Girly Embellishments

These pastel socks with crotchet embellishment are lovely and ladylike, perfect for a weekend of family dinners and Easter egg hunting.

Crotchet Trim Ankle Socks, $6, Topshop

Girly Embellishments

This color is so great for spring time. It’s bright, but not too bright, and has just the right amount of organza embellishment to be super girly and fun.

Organza Trim Ankle Socks, $6, Topshop

Girly Embellishments

Subtle in color and in the amount of frill, these socks are great for a more demure ensemble.

Hansel from Basel Wave Crew Sock, $15, Nasty Gal

Girly Embellishments

Not super colorful, but still precious.

Dot-Patterned Ruffle Socks, $3.90, Forever 21

Girly Embellishments

I think these pretty much speak for themselves. I mean. How ADORABLE.

Jonathan Aston Crystal Bow Socks, $12.50, ASOS

Flower Power

Daisies always make me think of springtime, and they are such happy flowers.

Daisy Print Socks, $1.50, Forever 21

Flower Power

You can never have too many daisies. Here’s a taller version.

Daisy Print Crew Socks, $3.90, Forever 21

Flower Power

Roses are probably my favorite flower. These look so delicate and perfect for a fancier Easter weekend event.

Rose Print Socks, $2.90, Forever 21

Flower Power

These see-through floral patterned socks are simple and quiet, in case you’re looking to have a more toned-down look.

Emilio Cavallini Fine Lace Ankle Socks, $14.50, ASOS

Flower Power

More roses! These colorful socks aren’t over the top, but are still sure to make a statement.

Emilio Cavallini Printed Multicolor Roses Ankle Socks, $16.00, ASOS

Easter Animals

These socks are pastel and have little bunnies all over them. This is a no-brainer.

All Over Bunny Ankle Socks, $6.00, Topshop

Easter Animals

I didn’t think it could get much cuter than the bunnies, but these chicks are giving them a run for their money.

Fluffy Chick Socks, $6.00, Topshop

Easter Animals

These striped socks have a surprise in store — a little bunny on the heel! So cute, and great for adding a little surprise factor your outfit.

Bunny Heel Socks, $6.00, Topshop

Easter Animals

Bunnies and carrots? It’s just too much!

Rabbit and Carrot Ankle Socks, $5.00, ASOS

Easter Animals

How could you say no to that little face?

3D Ear Bunny Ankle Socks, $6.00, Topshop