Nick Jonas Had One Direction Jokes At The Kids Choice Awards & They Were Funny Enough

Zayn Malik has left One Direction and Nick Jonas knows we all just have to laugh through the pain. The youngest Jonas himself knows a little something about being the former member of a boy band, but that didn't mean he wasn't ready to toss around some light-hearted "disillusionment of a boy band" humor at the 2015 Kids' Choice Awards. As host, Jonas knew that a lot of fans out there were still coming to terms with the news of Zayn's 1D departure, and he decided to go ahead and get the elephant in the room out of the way with some humor. That's right: Nick Jonas joked about 1D. Get ready for some mildly annoyed 1D tweeters: "It was a tough week... a lot of girls in the house struggling after One Direction became Two Direction."

I get it, Nick, and I'm politely laughing through my sobs with you, but I'd briefly like to point out that it surely isn't just "girls" who are struggling to come to grips with a four-piece One Direction; boys, girls, — ahem — young women, and people of all directions have been pushing through the Zayn-pain this week. In the midst of teasing, Nick was still feeling baffled by the loss of the 1D member though: "I mean, what's next — Fourth Harmony? Three Seconds of Summer... The Jonas Brother?"

Nick, again, I get what you're doing here, and I understand its purpose, but need I remind you that the artist who just performed the huge opening act of the Kids' Choice Awards was basically The Jonas Brother? And that singular Jonas Brother was you! (And you did a really good job!)

Obviously the solo Jo-Bro's One Direction jokes were all just to ease the crowd into learning how to love again with a bit of humor, as Nick expressed just a few days ago that he totally understands the tough situation Zayn was going through in making his decision. In an interview with E!, Nick said he commended Zayn for "doing what he feels is right for him... you got to stay true to yourself."

Nick knows that there's life after boy band life, after all, he just hosted the Kids' Choice Awards, and even though the Jonas Brothers aren't together anymore, he still had a little extra support from Grandma Jonas, otherwise known as, big brother Joe Jonas in a wig and reading glasses.

For now, Fifth Harmony is staying Fifth Harmony, 5 Seconds of Summer is staying 5 Seconds of Summer, and, in fact...One Direction is staying One Direction. Hopefully they're laughing somewhere in South Africa while continuing on their tour, four-strong and with the support of The Jonas Brother.

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