Kate McKinnon Impersonates Robert Durst On 'SNL,' And Her Take On 'The Jinx' Subject Is Scary Good

Oh, Kate McKinnon, what did we do without you on SNL for so many years? On Saturday, SNL 's Kate McKinnon added Robert Durst to her already impressive resume of impersonations, and of course, it was amazing. She's already handled celebrities like Ellen DeGeneres, Justin Bieber, and Jane Lynch, but McKinnon's Durst — a not so jolly person to impersonate — was so accurate, you might feel like The Jinx series never ended.

On SNL's "Improv Group" sketch, a very upbeat improv group picks "a frail hand" from the audience for inspiration for their set. In walks a familiar face, Robert Durst (played by McKinnon), who sits down and starts telling Aidy Bryant all about his life. McKinnon goes on to explain as Durst that he stole a chicken salad sandwich — even though he had a ton of money in the car—, he has black eyes, shaved his eyebrows, and killed one of his friends. In case you've missed the past eight weeks of news, Robert Durst, the subject of The Jinx on HBO, was charged with the slaying of his longtime friend Susan Berman just a day before the docu-series' finale aired.

McKinnon's impression, facial expressions, and physical manners, were all so spot on to the man that many have come to know from the thrilling series. The now infamous phrase, "Killed them all, of course," was mumbled by Durst, which is probably not an ideal comment for an improv group to work with, but they went with it. The only thing wrong with the sketch was that it was incredibly short. We want more Kate McKinnon, SNL! Give us that much, please.

This wasn't the first time Robert Durst — or The Jinx for that matter — got attention on Saturday's show. During Weekend Update, Colin Jost called out The Jinx for glorifying being a serial killer in The Jinx opening credits. His claim was that being a serial killer looks kind of fun from the music set to the opening credits. At one point, Jost paired The Jinx's opening credits with Britney Spears' "Oops... I Did It Again," which is something you'll truly never be able to unsee.