Are Mariah Carey & Brett Ratner Dating? New Photos Add Fuel To The Reported Romance Fire — PHOTOS

We just might have another Hollywood romance on our hands. Reportedly, Mariah Carey and Brett Ratner are dating, which means you can add that to your list of couples you probably never thought would happen. About three weeks ago, romance rumors started swirling after Carey shard a photo with Ratner. Of course, speculation began and now people can't get it out of their heads that they're a couple. Well, according to Ratner's rep, the singer and director are not dating. His rep told People, "They have been best friends for a very long time," and the thought of the two dating and all those dating reports are "ridiculous."

First, who knew that these two were besties? I don't know about you, but I'm more interested in the fact that Carey and Ratner have been best friends for some time. Where did that come from? Have I been living under a rock? Please, tell me. If this is something I should've known a long time ago, someone educate me.

Moving on, recently, the two have been spotted together more often than not. Even though Ratner's rep has denied any such romance, and since Carey and Nick Cannon's divorce, the two are still being linked as boyfriend and girlfriend.

Photos continue to be released of the two hanging out. For example, on Saturday, Carey and Ratner were caught in St. Barts, France shopping, walking arm-in-arm, and boarding a boat.

If you ask me, the photos are just adding fuel to the reported romance fire. Now, the photos don't mean the two are dating, but when two celebs are photographed together, you know the romance rumors will swirl and swirl and swirl, until, eventually, they die down. Sadly, even if the two deny it, that still might not convince people, especially tabloids.

Also, seeing as they are "best friends" and the two both just had a birthday in March, maybe they were celebrating turning another year older together? That's always a possibility and I'm sure Ratner's rep would say that's the more logical explanation.