Is Eddie Thawne In DC Comics? 'The Flash' Detective May Have A Lot In Common With Harrison Wells

As the last few episodes of The Flash Season 1 are on their way, everyone who works on the show has been promising that they'll be full of revelations and surprises. So could Eddie Thawne be from The Flash comics? The show has mostly focused on developing Eddie as Barry's romantic rival, since he's dating Iris, but when Reverse-Flash spared Eddie a few episodes ago, it hinted at a stronger place for Eddie in The Flash's mythos. Whatever the reason, be it that he's really a bad guy or really a good one, the Reverse-Flash knows that Eddie Thawne is going to turn out to be important. And with so much time travel in the show already, this sounds like Reverse-Flash has some kind of future knowledge about what will happen to him.

But there's more than just one possibility of who Eddie could be. Just because Harrison Wells admitted that his real identity was Eobard Thawne doesn't mean that we need to rule out the potential Thawne/Dr. Zoom/Wells connection. Wells threw it off as a "distant relative," but I think this might turn out to be more of a clue than a dismissal. While it doesn't seem like Eddie Thawne is going to turn out to be behind the Reverse-Flash mask (that seems pretty impossible, since they looked one another in the eyes), that doesn't mean Eddie won't be inspired by some of The Flash's comic book characters.

He Could Be A Very Close Relative Of Wells'

The comics version of Eobard Thawne, Professor Zoom, is a man from the future, just like Wells. Maybe he and Eddie are more than "distant relatives," and Eddie is actually Wells' great-grandfather or something even more direct.

He Could Be A Young Professor Zoom

Sometimes the simplest explanation is the right one. Their names are similar, he's Barry's rival... he could be the younger Reverse-Flash.

He Could Be Alexander Petrov

Petrov is a criminologist turned serial killer who uses his powers and skills to frame members of the Rogues and get himself promoted. Maybe Thawne, obsessed with finding the rogues, will find himself committing murders in order to entrap them.

He Could Just Be A Normal Cop... For Now

There are plenty of civil servants in The Flash comics. And eventually, some of them become heroes or villains of their own devices. Maybe Eddie won't turn out to be related to the Eobard Thawne/Reverse-Flash plotline at all, but instead, become a metahuman or get powers some other way.

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